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Cool links and sites II

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maybe this is more for the female part of SF, but who knows? :shades:

Concerned about your cellulite problem? Looking into radical cellulite treatment options like endermologie or (gasp) exercise?

Maybe it's not as bad as you think. Compare yourself with these celebrities in our 10-question quiz. You're guaranteed to feel better in just a few minutes.

The Celebrity Cellulite Quiz

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It definitely made me feel better about myself...well that, and this conversation with hubby the other day:

Me (after a makeup order came in): I got samples for cellulite cream. I need to try that.

Hubby: That stuff doesn't work

Me: It works on the skin, not the actual cellulite

Hubby: You dont have cellulite, anyway.

Ahh, love must be very, very blind.

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