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I saw "The Bucket List" on Saturday night. Yes, cliched, but still very entertaining. If Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman weren't in it, it would have been just another movie, but they added the right touch to their characters. I'll give it a 7/10.

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We rented it and I would recommend watching it as a rental or on cable. It still is quite an entertaining movie, though, don't get me wrong. I enjoyed it...and it had some sad moments in it, too and gives you something to think about.

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Kev, that part of it, though promoted heavily, is just a backdrop to what the movie is really about. It's worth renting.

The promos didn't do the film justice. The promos make it seem like a silly movie. It has some silliness but not like the promos would lead you to believe. That's just to get the less "discerning" (shall we say?) movie-goers.

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"This Is England"

I saw 2 independant films before I saw this one, "Brick" and "Paranoid Park". I was disappointed by the terrible acting and college-project feel to them, they just felt so lame, both the stories were told poorly, and they both made little sense.

"Brick" was just too unrealistic in the way that it was trying to be real, but there was some slight humour at certain points.

"Paranoid Park" has the badly skilled child actor walking around at a few points in the movie.

Don't believe me? Then see them for yourself.

I saw "Pan's Labrynth too, and that was great, but now on to what I'm supposed to write about! :D

"This Is England" had it all, a child actor, but he was really good! He was just so English, and was really funny. All the other characters in it were really interesting, the dialogue was sharp, and the storyline was really strong, and at times pretty disturbing, considering the content of the film, eg, racism.

The film follows this boy over a period of time and how the people around him influence him, for good and for bad. I don't want to say anymore aobut it, because I don't want to ruin it for any of you, you will understand when you see this movie, I strongly recommend it, I really do, 10/10.

This Is England >>>>>>> Brick + Paranoid Park

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We've decided to relive some past forgotten musical heroes and experiences by adding a whole bunch of musical documentaries to our netflix list.

Gram Parsons: Fallen Angel (2004)

This was great to put my memories in the proper chronological perspective since I was living in Los Angeles at the time and experienced the emerging country rock scene first hand.

Fantastic footage of Gram with the Byrds, the Stones and his Emmylou period.

Some day he might get his due. :bow: :bow:



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My wife coaxed me to a Notebook/Titanic amalgam titled Closing The Ring (starring Shirley McClain, Christopher Plummer) with the lure of it being a Richard Attenborough (Ghandi) movie.



One certain conclusion: It is evident from this movie that older actors who opt for having their youth "restored" to the face through smoothing augmentation procedures and injections of paralyzing agents like Botox, limit the expressions available to a professional who relies so heavily on facial expression for their success and role flexibility. One example is seen at the end of the movie, when she is called upon to mournfully cry, they chose to film McClain with her back to the camera. To do otherwise would have looked like a tearing Mary statue miracle, I suppose. If, in her role in this movie, McClain were a sportscar, she went from 0 to 10mph in 2 hours, primarily because all the controls were locked rigid.

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Just polished off Roller Boogie, starring Linda Blair. I must say, I was horrified and scared, yet felt compelled to keep on watching it. Next time you need a good exorcising of evil daemons from your place, you must play this movie :cool:

If you happen to check out the new remastered version of Xanadu, please let me know. I'm dying to see the bonus features.

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