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^ I want to see that one too :thumbsup:

I watched Sergio Leone's "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" 8.5/10

one of the best Spaghetti-Western there is, with Clint Eastwood as the "Man with no Name" and Ennio Morricone's score :)

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The Departed-Another Scorcese gem. Interesting storyline. Excellent performances by Leonardo Di Caprio and Matt Damon. All that and Jack Nicholson, too. 9/10

The Illusionist-Both the movie and Edward Norton are Oscar worthy. Fantastic story/illusions. Wonderful direction. Oh, and girls...it was executive produced by Brad Pitt. 9/10

These two made for the best weekend of movie watching I've had in ages. I highly recommend each.

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Oh, my... I saw The Godfather yesterday night on TV... :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: I read the book in 1972, I saw the movie for the first time more than 30 years ago and I´ve seen it hundreds of times... and I still stick to the screen when I have the occasion...

25.009/100 would be too much? .cool:

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Night At The Museum - 7.5/10. I don't know why the critics panned this movie. It's amusing, escapist fare. While watching a Ben Stiller movie is hit (Mystery Men, There's Something About Mary, Meet The Parents and Meet The Fokkers) or miss (Zoolander, Starsky & Hutch), this is one of his better ones. The special effects are great and the supporting cast (Dick Van Dyke, Robin Williams, Owen Wilson and, especially, Mickey Rooney) give excellent performances. The kids and I saw it at an IMAX theatre and thoroughly enjoyed it. By no means a classic, but very entertaining, nonetheless.

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[color:#C0D3F2]Before Matt Damon killed Jack Nicholson, Nicholson told him that he only gives up people who are going down anyway, and nobody knows about him.

Later, during the elevator incident, the 2nd mole (who appears out of nowhere btw) shoots Leo and apparently knew that Matt worked for Nicholson (but noone else knew).

This doesn't make sense, and the 2nd mole is obviously a deus ex machina to save the plot from falling apart.

(highlight to read)

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The Departed - 9/10

Leonardo DiCaprio's best performance since What's Eating Gilbert Grape, a rather well done story except for one minor mistake and very good pacing.

Oh ? Is he retarted in this one too , then ? I prefer seeing him act that way . "Rose ! " ,"Jack ! " , " Rose !" - unforgiveable . :P :laughing:

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