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Have you seen me? II


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Yeah, I was thinking about Marc too, but because no one else mentioned his absence I thought perhaps this was a normal thing for him to dissappear for a week here and there... :crazy:

As for Paul, he showed up once or twice in the span of a week after a long absence then hasn't been back since... where do these people go?

Hopefully it's just temporary computer problems or a heavy workload and nothing health-related (or family problems...)

Come back soon you two!! :rockon:

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Where's ryansgirl or Rayzor ?

Forget it , Mindcrime ; it was a double suicide off of Lover's Leap ...

Kevin, take a leap there yourself. You ain't thinking clearly. Must be all that damned sushi drowned in maple syrup.

There is no big romance. I saw something I didn't like. It would not have mattered who was being picked on. When I see a high horse, I say, gimme a step ladder. I'm gonna climb that thing.

I'm still pretty upset and I don't feel like posting. So there. Mystery solved.

I would like to apologize for my hipocrites remark. I heard Harper Valley P. T. A. that day and it seemed to fit. My stupid sense of humour betrayed me once again.

I won't be back for a while. But I ain't dead. Yet.

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