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Have you seen me? II

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Who in the ham-sell is miamisammy?

Sounds like a Rolling Stones groupie with a penchant for Keith!

He wishes he was only 29....sometimes!


Though, I reckon no one here can match his wits and quips.

(He's taken my milk-money from more than several occasions).

BEWARE, newbies.

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I still miss our man Fin. How dare he abandon us in the name of study? Shhh, Fin...get your priorities straight will ya.

And remember that cute Indian chick that used to hang out here...Radhika (or something like that)?

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Our Man Fin.

Another agreement.

I've always admired the Seeker otherwise known as "Our Man Fin."

I think he's the new generation's "James Coburn."


With a name like fin you can't go wrong in a school of fish.

Tanks, for all the fish!

I pray that he doesn't do terrible impressions of Charles Bronsan ordering a seafood sandwich from McDonald's...

"I'd like a fillet-ef-feeesh."


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