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Have you seen me? II


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Witless ? Perhaps ...but I still have all the money I DIDN'T bet on the Packers ... ;)

:laughing: Don't think for a minute that Canadians are kind folk -as evidenced by this dude and Ray wanting me banned already,and I've only been here a day . :D They'd turn you into the tax office or proper authorities just as soon as look at you ...take that Texas ! Gotta be cold-blooded to be Canadian -or just cold , at least ...

Canadian South Park :

Kyle: You got Kevin banned ....you b*stard ...but he kinda had it coming , didn't he , eh ?

Stan : Yeah , he went a bit too far ,eh , that guy ...but he did have some good points ...

Kyle : Oh ? That's a movie isn't it ? .... 'He went too Far '

Stan : No , it's 'A Bridge too Far ' you fcking idiot .

Kyle : Oh , that's right . Sorry, eh . Wasn't Tom Hanks in that ... ?

Oh , btw ...^Dork ! :cool: (Raybans )

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  • 2 months later...

Don't know why, but I've been missing Fin more than usual lately. Haven't spoken to him for eons, it's as if he's gone off the internet. If only my entire uni degree wasn't on the stuff, I might be tempted to do the same. (I wonder if I could?)

Anyway, I asked his sister how he was a few months ago, and she says he's fine, so that's a relief. I still miss him v. much though :(

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Elvish banned me again for my 'annual' birthday ban , and then forgot about me ,I think ... ;) :laughing:

... as a bit of a diversion ,I got sucked into another one of those stupid MMOGs -that require nearly every minute of your online life . Just say NO , kids ...thats my advice . :laughing: :couch:

Hahaha. You were banned too? I think what finally did it was putting the mod on [ignore]. If you're not talking to me about music, games, books, and movies I don't wanna hear from ye :beatnik:

I got back into shoot-'em-ups when I got two 360 consoles in late 2010, but I don't regret it at all. In fact, I want others to join in and partake in little spaceship glory :cool:

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Me too, Radhi. I'm a little disappointed that he hasn't even taken a few seconds to say hi. Wish I had his phone number.

Well my dozen emails have all been ignored, but if he's ignoring everyone else it can't possibly be something I did (phew).

However, she did say she'd have him get in touch with me and he still didn't so maybe it WAS something I did after all :( :(

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  • 3 weeks later...

I think Kevin's wife has stopped logging in. :o

Perhaps she's busy moving his body from the shallow grave in the back yard to somewhere more permanent. :jester:

His Last Online status shows he was logged in yesterday.

He just hasn't posted anything for a couple of weeks.

He must just be observing and taking notes. :shades: :laughing:

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RonJon...anyone know his whereabouts?

I am in fact still alive and well (every now and then I know it's kind of hard to tell)...that's more than I can say about my fantasy teams.

I accepted a new job back in March and it's been very hectic, but I like it a lot...the days seem to blow by and I still run my own business interests (plus Rutgers alumni interests, sports interests, that family that keeps showing up at my house every day, my weekly gig in a Blue Cheer Tribute Band, constant calls for companionship from Christie Brinkley, national political aspirations, the tunnel I'm digging back into Shawshank, tango lessons - giving not receiving, nightly selection of an appropriate beer for dinner; often instead of dinner, wondering what Shawna is doing now, and staring at the Atlantic Ocean as often as possible)...this all takes time away from SF.

Thanks for asking about me and I'll be around as much as possible.....


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