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When my daughter was over the other day, she asked me if I liked her new jeans. They had rips all down the leg...I told her she better return those and get her money back... ;)

I cannot understand the ripped jeans they sell at high retail outlets (Nordstroms, Bloomingdales, etc.) that sell for $200 and have holes and are completely faded. Those should've went out of style 20 years ago, but for some reason made a comeback.

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explorer. It's slow when I click on a thread to go into, it takes a few seconds (10-15) to open it most of the time. And sometimes when I come from the Main site into the boards, that takes a while, too.

What's funny to me is that 10-15 seconds is really nothing, but it sure seems slow with all the superfast stuff that goes on these days! :crazy:

right this very moment it's being very quick. In fact this morning it has been loading much more quickly than usual. Last night, it was slow as mole-asses, which is typically the case.

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these boards load so very slowly for me anymore.. :( Why does that happen with only certain sites? I thought it might be computer, but other sites load very quickly. It seems to be this one is the sticking point, and it's making me angry. :mad:

I had explorer in my late Mac and it was perfect. Now I have Safari on the new -but almost useless- mac and it's very strange, it scrolls down then it does strange things...

:P but when I use Explorer on the pc it takes time to load too...

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Mom asked me to clean up the family computer. The machine is stuffed with files and programs and runs very slow (I'm glad I got my own laptop). Any hints to make it go faster?

Here's what I intend to do:

- Scans: Spybot Search & Destroy, Ad-Aware, AVG antivirus

- Cleanups: remove useless files, toolbars, plugins and programs

- Defragmentation

- Disk Cleanup

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scans: either spybot or ad-aware should be enough, they should look for the same stuff, so no need to do both (make sure they're up to date when you start the scan though)

cleanups: CCleaner, and good call on removing useless plugins and toolbars :thumbsup:

what do you mean with disk cleanup?

and I would do the defragmentation at the last point :)

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