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A great-studied philosopher or a seeker of common sense and insight (un-studied)?

The latter

I think so, too. No book ever can teach insight and common sense!

Grammy or Oscar?

I'm sure everyone knows my answer to this...grammy with a capital G!

I may be wrong, but IMHO, it takes far more talent to be a musician onstage (Grammy) than to just be yourself (Oscar) offstage.

A great actor or a great singer?

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Party Hard. Too much silence gets boring.

Or, you can be like me and have to stand guard duty at the barracks right in the middle of the long holiday.

Since we're in the Meorial Day spirit, let's go with a topic relevant to that.

Which is less popular?

Vietnam or Iraq/Afghanistan

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On the day after remembering D-Day/Normandy/Operation Overlord, that would be the two middle east hot spots. Vietnam, on the other hand, is the current "sweatshop to the world," where even "The Amazing Race" dropped contestants into peacefully muddy waters.

Gulf coast oil spill mop up crew or BP executive?

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