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Sounds great Muzik! How about you write the code, make it work seamlessly with the site and moderate it 24/7? :laughing: (joking!)

It does sound great and it's something to consider now that we have enough people on the site. However, it also means a lot more work and I'm not so sure we can take it on at the moment. Carl, thoughts? :)

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Well, sounds promising!

I know there has been many occasions for myself when conversation in a thread may've turned to even more interesting conversation not pertaining to the thread topic.

I feel that a chat room would be the perfect outlet for people like me and others who always have something on their mind.

Random Thoughts is great for this but sometimes conversations are cut short because of forum etiquette.

I realize how busy you and Carl are and the site could stay just as it is with no change but added song facts. Yet, there's always a better gunslinger and serious members most likely would like the opportunity to learn more about other serious members in a more relaxed environment while remaining at Songfacts.

I'm here all the time so I'll be glad to roll up my sleeves if ali'l labour is involved. I don't mind ali'l dirt and I have regular and round point shovels, along with a good assortment of whips. :P

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Here's my suggestion -

At another music site, they keep a 'pinned' thread at the top of one of the forums with a link to a 'chat room'.

I'm pretty sure one of Mindcrime's replies mentions that he moderates a large chat room.

Since he has the experience and the know-hows of a chat room, you really can't go wrong there. And another thing, he seems to be a pretty cool guy here. I can't see any harm and technically if things get out of hand, 'Songfacts' can't be held accountable since the chat room is on another domain.

That's my two cents. ::


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