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Need help compiling....

Uncle Joe

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Need help compiling a list of songs that address children. Songs like, "Oh Very Young" by Cat Stevens for example.

I prefer that the songs be from the Classic Rock genre but will consider Pop, Folk, etc.

Yes, it's for a CD or two.

So, fire away.

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"In Your Time" - Bob Seger

"School Days" - Chuck Berry

"I Don't Want To Grow Up" - The Ramones

"18" - Alice Cooper

"Department Of Youth" - Alice Cooper

"Flaming Youth" - Kiss

"Kids Wanna Rock" - Bryan Adams

"Barefoot Children In The Rain" - Jimmy Buffett

"Run Runaway" - Slade

"Beat On The Brat" - The Ramones

"Blitzkreig Bop" - The Ramones

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This one is for when he´s a bit older...


John B. Sebastian

why must every generation

think their folks are square

& no matter where their heads are

they know moms ain't there

cause i swore when i was small

that i'd remember when

i knew what's wrong with them

that i was smaller than

determined to remember

all the cardinal rules

like sunshowers are legal grounds

for skippin school

i know that i've forgotten

maybe one or two

but i hope that i recall them all

before the baby's due

cause i know he'll have

a question or two

like "hey pa

can i go ride my zoom

that goes 200 miles an hour

suspended on balloons

& can i put a droplet

of this new stuff on my tongue

& imagine frothin dragons

while you sit & wreck your lungs"

& i must be permissive

understanding of the

younger generation

then i'll know that all i've learned

my kid assumes

& all my deepest worries

must be his cartoons

& still i'll try to tell him

all the things i've done

related to what he can do

when he becomes a man

& still he'll stick his

fingers in the fan

& "hey pop

my girlfriend's only three

she's got her own video phone

& she's takin lsd

& now that we're best friends

she wants to give a bit to me

but what's the matter daddy?

how come you're turnin green?

can it be that you can't

live up to your dreams?

I would also suggest "Beautiful Boy" (John Lennon) but it´s a bit sad, it´s one of his latest songs...

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This is the list of songs for a son or daughter from the Songfacts main site.

Ain't She Sweet - The Beatles

All My Love - Led Zeppelin

Baby Baby - Amy Grant

Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy) - John Lennon

Being So Not For You (I Had No Right) - PM Dawn

Blurry - Puddle of Mudd

Butterfly Kisses - Bob Carlisle

Closing Time - Semisonic

Come Talk To Me - Peter Gabriel

Dancing Boy - Harry Chapin

Father's Love - Bob Carlisle

Flowers For Zoe - Lenny Kravitz

Gone Away - Cold

Goodnight, My Angel - Billy Joel

Heaven - Los Lonely Boys

Here For You - Neil Young

Hey Jude - The Beatles

Hold On To Me - Courtney Love

I Wish I Could - Collin Raye and Peabo Bryson

Isn't She Lovely - Stevie Wonder

Jessica - The Allman Brothers Band

Lovin' You - Minnie Riperton

Mouth's Cradle - Bjork

New Life - Blind Melon

Original Of The Species - U2

Out of Exile - Audioslave

Sail To The Moon - Radiohead

Sarah - Thin Lizzy

Slipping Through My Fingers - ABBA

Song For Sleeping - Stone Temple Pilots

Tears In Heaven - Eric Clapton

The Saddest Song - The Ataris

Wild Horses - The Rolling Stones

Wires - Athlete

With Arms Wide Open - Creed

Wouldn't Matter Where You Are - Minnie Riperton

Zoe Jane - Staind

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Wild Horses - The Rolling Stones

Wild Horses? :P I don´t think it´s a song for a child... except for the first line "Childhood living is easy to do..." maybe?

Now that I play it in my head I think it could sound as a lullaby... but the lyrics should be changed then...

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Three songs you've probably never heard of:

In 1976, Jerry Santos wrote a song in English which sounds quite Hawaiian for Olomana's first release.

"O Malia"

O Malia don't be shy

O Malia come raise your eyes

For you have the beauty

that was touched by nature's hand

Your long dark hair blowing

gently in the wind

The sun on your brown shoulders

knows that this is where you'd be

O Malia stay by me

O Malia we must be strong

O Malia you've been silent too long

So raise your voice

in story of our land

And tell them how our fathers

worked by hand

For they saw the beauty

that only love could keep from dying

O Malia don't you cry

And though our lands they take away

with their changes everyday

And cement towers stand

where we once played

What they cannot take away

is the love we share today

And the children we shall bear

to carry on...

O Malia can't you see

O Malia it's up to you and me

So run and tell the children

of our kind

Tell them to be strong

in hearts and minds

And sing to them a song

of a thousand years of pride

O Malia take my hand

It is time for us to stand

"Ua mau ke ea o ka 'aina i na opio"

(The life of the land is perpetuated by its youth)

This Robert Beaumont and Clifford Hopps song closed out "Like A Seabird In The Wind" (aka "Olomana")


It's time to sleep and you're tired

We had a beautiful day

The night has come and I must leave you

to your childhood ways

Good night keiki

Sandman's coming to close your eyes

He will bring you treasures

and guard you through the night

I see you lying there sleeping

Filled with thoughts I have known

If I could be there beside you

I wouldn't feel so all alone

Good night keiki

Sandman's coming to close your eyes

He will bring you treasures

and guard you through the night

Dream on, Dream on

There's nothing you can't be

Dream on, Dream on

The world's yours to see.

In 1980, Olomana (Jerry Santos & Robert Beaumont) did a great cover of a Liko Martin classic:

"We Are The Children"

O how I love to hear the whisper of the wind

A gentle hearted songbird on the wing

Somehow I feel you softly, feel your heart in mine

With thoughts I have only for you my home


We are the children

We are the dawn of life

As hours go unending in an endless light

We are the children

We are the dawn of life

Together we are changing in an endless light

Sit upon a stone I trust to feel so close at times

Tip to toe so gently I will stand

O the flowers mile the hours gently onb my mind

And the calling of the yellow feathered friend

Tumble turning still I'm learning

to glide on whispering wind

Flicker little feathered friend of mine

Can you imagine how things happen

still I look to find

The thoughts I have only for you my home. :guitar:

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