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This must have been about 1990. Biscuit was the New Kids On The Block's bodyguard, and apparently, also a rapper. I think he would come onstage and do this song on one of the NKOTB tours. It got a little bit of airplay and is notable for the blatant sample of "All Right Now" by Free.

Biscuit's In The House

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"The vegetable will respond to you." Love it.

Wanted to share this comment we received on the Joan of Arc Songfacts:

I once did a couple of hits of acid at Disneyland. I sat in The Enchanted Tiki Room and the talking birds started to whistle and for some reason this song popped into my head, "Little catholic girl has fallen in love... A face on a page, a gift from above..." then I had a reverie/vision of her life and I was moved to tears. I turned to a middle aged woman sitting next to me and said, "Poor girl. She was only 15, leading armies, hearing the voice of God. Her light went out so soon". The older woman looked concerned and said, "Who's light? Who do you mean" I said, "Joan of Ark" And I tried to sing a few lines, "Listen Joan of Arc, all you gotta do

Say the right words and I'll be coming through.." My friend Sam said I was snapping my fingers in time to the music and smiling more with my teeth than my eyes.

At this point the woman began to move away and I remember I said to her, "you've changed Gloria. you've changed". Then her husband got all up in my face and said, "listen son, her name's not Gloria and you don't talk to my wife like that, and by then D-land security was piling into the Tiki Room. But before they took me away I said to not-Gloria's husband, "Listen son, said the man with the gun there''s room for you inside".

All in all, a beautiful song, with or without the help of Albert Hoffman's Sandoz gift.

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