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Greatest Bass Players?


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John Paul Jones was also great on mandolin!

I don't get why everyone says this. I mean, he only played mandolin on one song, and he just did chords. And it's not as if the mandolin is a difficult instrument to play, either. In fact, I personally know two people who are much better mandolinists than him, and one of them has only been playing for 6 months.

Anyways, my favorite bassist is Bootsy Collins


He's also the best dressed bassist

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Has anyone here EVER been to a jazz festival? Every stand-up bassist you see is incredible. I give props to Mark Egan from Pat Metheny Group, John Patitucci from Chick Corea's Akoustic band, and Roberto Occhipinti. Can't overlook great rock and roll bassists either, like Roger Waters, Chris Squire, Billy Sheehan, John Entwistle, and I'm a big fan of Hot Tuna's Jack Casady

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Speaking of Bootsy, here's my dream band:

Bass: Bootsy

Drums: Billy Cobham

Keys: Herbie Hancock

Guitar: Hendrix

Trumpet: Miles

Sax: Coltrane

That band would truly be funkalicious.

They'd be even funkier with George Clinton of Parliament on vocals. :googly: =:P :jester:

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