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Best yacht rock song of all-time?

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When I'm sailing my yacht, I like nothing better than cranking out Big Black's "Passing Complexion" at an antisocial volume, whilst urinating over the side onto inferior water traffic. }:|

Are you a yacht snob, b-f? I'm shocked. :grin:

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I noticed that article Paul Edward posted comes from IGN (gaming site). I used to post there at the vestibule, that site doesn't know jack$#@% about music, hrmm-k

That top ten yacht list mentions forgettable 70's 8-track posh hits from:

Kenny Logins

Michael McDonald

Captain & Tenille

Loggins & Messina


Seals & Croft

Christopher Cross


Robbie Dupree

Barry Manilow


Times like this, I'm glad I don't own a yacht.

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"Yacht Rock"? Don't ya know that "Your momma don't dance and your daddy don't rock & roll"? Forget those artificial playlists, we're on a fishing boat here, playing "Vahevala" or "Taking Care of Business," hauling in shrimp, crabs, or lobsters for those yacht owners. Don't know about you, but my collar is as blue as the sea. (Great Big Sea, that is.) :guitar:

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Actually, Paul McCArtney's 'with a little luck' and Santana's 'I'm winning' and steve winwoods "If you see a chance take it' all sound suspiciously like yacht rock to me...or am I just imagining things here?

BTW, PMac's 'with a little luck' was actually recorded aboard the motor yacht 'Fair Carol' just off the Virgin Islands...

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Me & my old man, had a debate about this article that was posted, & how neither one of us identified with the bands that were placed, despite having a clear memory of the songs.

If I was lucky enough to ride in a Yacht, it'll never happen in my lifetime, I would probably go with:

Crosby, Stills, & Nash

Emerson, Lake, & Palmer

Bachman-Turner Overdrive

these bands sound more like Attourney Law-firms, rather than rock

Bob Segar & the Silver Bullet Band

Rolling Stones (It's only rock & roll album)


Buffalo Springfield

Traffic / Blind Faith

Spencer Davis Group

Dan Fogelberg / Steely Dan

The Byrds

The Kinks


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