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Is Styx Real Rock?

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Does it really matter? You either like them or you don't, as with any music. Like Ron says the early stuff rocked. The later stuff, eh. I'm pretty much a don't, but not because I worry if they are real rock or not.

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Anyway I think if they can make a Rock Opera out of Billy Joel or Abba, then they should be able to do one out of Styx songs.

don't know that I'd qualify anything ABBA did as "rock" - including a "rock opera" - which, in fact, it is not. "Mamma Mia!" is a musical using ABBA's music... a "rock opera" has no spoken lines - it is all music and singing: Jesus Christ Superstar, Tommy, etc.

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Honestly, only their true teamwork material comes within the lines of Rock.


Blue Collar Man :thumbsup: ~ prime examples of their killer in-tune stuff. Shaw was IMO the highlite & soul of this band.


Come, Sail Away

Too Much Time on my Hands :thumbsdown: ~ this is where they started to slip in between the cracks & got stuck in between selling-out, mellowing-out just a tad, & flat out running out of ideas. The original fire that sparked them, was simmering down.

Mr Roboto

Kilroy was Here :googly: ~ the 80's had taken it's toll & showcased them as being Queen knock~offs. Dennis DeYoung (sp?) gained too much control over the band's direction & landed them right into the gutter.

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