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Sopranos March 12th

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On Friday I decided to test my new GPS and plugged in the address of The Soprano house in North Caldwell. I knew it was Aspen Drive.

I got there from home in about 20 minutes...as you alresdy know, it's a nice neighgorhood. I turned onto Aspen Drive which ends in a cul-de-sac and I looked at all the beautiful houses, but none seemed right. Then, right at the end, where you would have to turn around to get off the street, there it was in all the glory we had seen for theses last 8 years.

The landscaping was ridiculous and the house actually gleemed in the sun. It was strange to be parked right in front of the driveway where the feds and others sat waiting for Tony. I could picture Tony turning in with his big SUV. to me it was as cool as seeing a famous Hollywood set.

The I drove down the shore on Saturday. I was in Long Branch where many Soprano's scenes were filmed. I was able to locate the spec house that Carmela and the kids had to hide in while Tony was hiding out from Phil's guys.

Fun stuff for Soprano's fans.

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