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Sopranos March 12th

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Earlier this evening my wife and I decided to watch a movie we've had on DVR for the past several months, Hugh Grant's 1999 flick, Mickey Blue Eyes.

Reading the opening credits was an eye opener...and as the film unfolded we delighted as each scene introduced another actor from The Sopranos.

Paulie Walnuts, Big Pussy Bonpensiero, Artie Bucco, Janice Soprano, Vito Spatafora and a few others abounded.

The funny thing is that The Sopranos first aired in January, 1999. This movie was released in 1999....before these guys were household names. But ayyyyyy, when you're casting wise guys.....

Oh, the movie? It was OK. A romantic comedy in which English Sotheby-type art auctioneer Hugh Grant wants to marry Mob Boss's( James Caan) daughter(Jean Tripplehorn). Some funny moments.

Mostly worth watching to see the Soprano folks. Type casting indeed.

Note: Paulie Walnuts' (Tony Sirico)hair has that Soprano wave but not the peculiar coloration.

Anyway, check the movie out if you haven't already seen it.

Fugeddaboudit! Now get outta heah!

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