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Sopranos March 12th

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There are so many differing opinions on how they chose to end the show. Of the friends, family, et al whom I've spoken to.....

Invariably people who've watched all 8 seasons of the show are generally happy with the ending.

Those who were sporadic viewers and didn't connect with the characters, particularly Tony, are about 50/50 on the ending.

Those who tuned in for just the last few episodes (some watched only the finale) are disappointed. They wanted to see something spectacular.

I couldn't be more pleased. It left me staring at the screen, nodding slowly and finally taking a breath (which I'd been holding for five minutes).

I applaud Chase for his understanding of his show's viewers. For the most part the characters who I wanted to see survive did. Same for those I wanted to see perish. There are a few more whom I'd liked to have seen offed. Bobby Bacala is the only character I was sorry to see hit. Sil is still alive as I'd hoped he'd be. I could care less about AJ and I wouldn't have minded Dr. Melfi getting whacked if they could've worked it in. Paulie was used wonderfully as the red herring in this whole finale. Love him or hate him you gotta admit...he's one scary MFer.

Finally, for this post anyway, the music. The choice of music was very interesting and more than a little revealing, doncha think?

Thanks for The Sopranos. I doubt there'll be another like it.

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It was my favorite show in my adult life and maybe my entire life. A great deal of that is because it was filmed where I lived...my connection was tight. The final scene happened in Bloomfield about 10 miles from home. there was a big to do a couple months back because the town council didn't want the show to film there anymore because of the negative Italian stereotypr thing. It was explained to thenm that this was the last scene in the final episode and they then agreed.

There were a lot of Soprano's articles in the paper this week. One that amused me is that Tony Sirico's actual brother is a priest. It seems Tony can't control his language in real life either and is always chastised by his brother for it. But Tony said, "If Paulie can't curse, Paulie can't talk."

Maybe I need to take a trip to The Bing today to reflect on the show.....

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I started watching the 3rd season in. I rented the first two and watched them back to back, so I've seen all the episodes. I've never thought of it as "just a TV show". It has always been theatrical to me. I always say that Lost is the best show on TV, only because I hold The Sopranos to a higher level that transcends television.

I don't know how I'm alive today because I held my breath for the whole hour last night. I thought the finale went beyond my expectations. When it cut to black, I jumped up and started screaming, "What the f***? Is that it? You've got to be f***ing kidding me!" But when I calmed down, I realized that the episode did everything it should have. The show has never been about tidy little endings that are resolved after 60 minutes. It would have been cheap to have Tony get whacked or thrown in the joint. Sure, it still might happen, but we'll never know. Chase knew everyone wanted something dramatic and he gave it to us through Philly's hit. Jesus, Mary, Joseph, the three wisemen, and the sheep...that scene just about ended my fragile life. I'm still upset about it. I wish they sold Brioschi in south Georgia...I needed it for my agita. It was brilliant the way the suspense kept building toward the end. I thought everyone was a goner at one point or another. I gasped out loud when Meadow crossed the street after 20 minutes of friggin' parallel parking because I thought she was going to get hit. Even Tony's choice of song (Journey over Tony Bennett) was a nod to how the family is changing from the old ways to the new. Not that Journey is new, but I digress.

I'm rambling and I just can't help it. Excellent, brilliant, fantastic, spectacular. A satisfying end to a great run.

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Peachy, my thoughts were the same as yours....what the?...was my first reaction, then hubby had to calm me down and of course he realized what was going on....brilliant ending...I was expecting an all out shoot out....and they way they left it open was totally unexpected by me.....Loved the show...I'm gonna miss it alot....

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The Philadelphia Inquirer is hosting a chat where you can add your comments concerning the show. The comments of the Inquirer writers and special guests (Like mob expert, George Anastasia) are interesting.

There is also a poll where you can vote as to the satisfaction level of the ending. There are four choices from deeply satisfying to deeply disappointing. Please go and cast your vote.


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Here's an excerpt I found:

Sopranos creator: movie no sure thing

The Associated Press

NEWARK, N.J. (AP) — "Sopranos" fans who thought the series' open-ended conclusion was a setup for a movie may be in for disappointment: series creator David Chase says it isn't so.

Chase went to France before the airing of the much-debated finale because he wanted to avoid what he called "all the Monday morning quarterbacking." But like a true New Jersey loyalist, he granted one interview to The Star-Ledger of Newark, which posted his comment early Tuesday on its Web site.

"I don't think about (a movie) much," he told the paper. "I never say never. An idea could pop into my head where I would go, 'Wow, that would make a great movie,' but I doubt it.

"I'm not being coy," he added. "If something appeared that really made a good 'Sopranos' movie and you could invest in it and everybody else wanted to do it, I would do it. But I think we've kind of said it and done it."

Chase said he would leave it to fans to interpret the show's last scene for themselves. It featured the members of the Soprano family arriving for dinner as Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" plays. Others in the restaurant include a man in a Member's Only jacket who goes to the bathroom, which some fans have interpreted as a nod to the scene in "The Godfather" in which Michael Corleone retrieves a gun from the bathroom before a shooting.

As the music and tension build, the screen suddenly goes silent and dark.

"I have no interest in explaining, defending, reinterpreting, or adding to what is there," said Chase, 61, who grew up in North Caldwell.

"People get the impression that you're trying to (mess) with them, and it's not true. You're trying to entertain them," he said. "Anybody who wants to watch it, it's all there."

Another problem with a movie is that so many characters died in the last season. Chase said he has considered "going back to a day in 2006 that you didn't see, but then (Tony's children) would be older than they were then and you would know that Tony doesn't get killed. It's got problems."

Chase also elaborated on how he decided to make the Journey classic the last music played on the series.

"It didn't take much time at all to pick it, but there was a lot of conversation after the fact. I did something I'd never done before: In the location van, with the crew, I was saying, 'What do you think?' When I said, 'Don't Stop Believin',' people went, 'What? Oh my God!'

"I said, 'I know, I know, just give a listen,' and little by little, people started coming around."

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There were a number of songs playing really low in the background, especially in the meetings at The Bing. CCR's "I Heard It Through the Grapevine" was one of them. I couldn't pick out the others yet.

Let us not forget the great use of Vanilla Fudge doing "You Keep Me Hangin' On".

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I've watch this episode several times since Sunday and it is just really good. HBO would be smart to capitalize on this Sopranos frenzy and repeat all 86 episodes over the next year and half. Think of all the new subscriptions and viewers....

I had taped all of the episodes and i think I'll invest in the entire DVD set when it comes out. They taped alternate endings which would , no doubt, be on the bonus disc. I missed taping on though. It was called "I Dream of Jeanie Cusomano"

It was a good episode.

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