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Sopranos March 12th

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Sopranos actress Borino-Quinn dies at the age of 46

Borino-Quinn won the role with no acting experience US actress Denise Borino-Quinn, who played a mafia wife on The Sopranos, has died of cancer aged 46.

She unexpectedly won the role after attending an open casting call to support a childhood friend in 2000.

Borino-Quinn played Ginny Sacrimoni, the mafia wife with a weight problem on the massively successful television drama on cable station HBO.

The Farmer Funeral Home in New Jersey said she died on Wednesday after a long battle with liver cancer.

Her husband, Luke Quinn Jr, died in March.

Her Sopranos role was her first foray into acting and her character was instantly popular with fans of the show.

Borino-Quinn beat 14,000 other hopefuls to get the part.

Her other job when she was not on the small screen was working in a law firm in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

The award-winning Sopranos ran for eight years until 2007 and centred on the lives of a dysfunctional mob family.

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Last week on TMZ, I saw a segment that had Steve Schirripa blasting the Kardashians outside of a wine store where he was promoting Soprano Wine. The surroundings looked familiar and it turns out he was outside of the new wine store in my town. (lovely Springfield NJ).

I found myself in this brand new establishment yesterday and I skipped over the Soprano Wine for a couple of bottles of Woodstock Chardonnay. The rep from Wines That Rock was there for some wine sampling and it was very nice. Here's the link:


So this may be a stretch for a Soprano's story, but it's all I got.

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Well there is finally big Sopranos news with the death of James Gandolfini. That final scene still fades to black but there will never be any resolution to the story...that's probably OK.

We always think there is time. Jim was only 51 and I'm sure there were talks about some sort of end to the series with a movie.

Life is short folks so enjoy every day.

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