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Happy New Year Songfactors

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I'm not much of a poet, but here's a little something I wrote...

Songfacts has brought us good times and good cheer

So let's take a look back

At a wonderful year

With all the raves and rants

We are lucky to have Uncle Joe

Without any pants

A good time we definitely had

And a new found love among Shawna and Brad

We have the wise cracks among Sammy and Peaches

And Bazooka, with his facts he teaches us

We have fun and games, and music news

We have rock and roll and Bluesboy

Singing the blues

Marc on his harley, and RonJon's news

We have Old 55 dishing out the clues

Soothing words from S2V

We just love to read his poetry

Diggs always witty and wised

Along with our very own Daslied

Batman always creating a crazy game

You're bound to see Foxy and Katie Sane

Crazy Don with his festive avatar

Will it be a tree, or a car?

Psycho will always have a good word to say

along with Earth Angel not too far away

Edna with her yummy brownies

And Kevin will make us laugh

To get rid of our frownies

CeeCee and HD are bound to pop the cork

What was that JR called me? was it a Dork?

So as the clock winds down, we can hear the ticks

Let's Rock and Roll to 2006

Happy New Year to All Songfactors and to Carl and to all who made this a wonderful site!

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Nice job, Laurie!

These are my favorite lines:

Diggs always witty and wised

Along with our very own Daslied

I love it when words are made up to fit the rhyme. And I'm not giving you a hard time - I really do love it! :grin: It makes the poem so much more original, I think.

It's sort of a Seussian thing...

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Well, hell, hello - I'm Mr Blind-Fitter,

seen me before? I'm the arch bullsh!tter,

Epileptic: No, Visual Impairment: Nil

I heard a rumour that my humour is ill

Opinions / observations, Oh yes, I've got'em,

(Alas! Some of these are straight outta my bottom)

I'm upright (!) I'm uptight, I'm on a hair-trigger,

Anally-retentive? Go figure!

I'm a peptic ulcer waiting to occur,

(Maybe that's true, even I'm not sure)

I'm a seething mass of contradiction

Who can distinguish the fact from the fiction?

My rep is for lewdness, pomposity, rudeness,

sarcasm, indignation and bile.

But then I'm politeness, sweetness and lightness

(They forgive you alot if you make folks smile...)

So yes, that's me, Lord Fitter of Blind,

You wouldn't want a holiday in my mind

Nay, nay and thrice nay,.. don't titter

I'm the insufferable smartarse...the Blind-Fitter

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DiggsUK said

Do I detect a hint of J.Cooper-Clarke here?

A soupscon, I'll wager...with a hint of the gentle punning of Roger McGough and a sprinkle of Neil Innes....topped off with a handful of good old BF... :bow: Goodstuff (if a little lengthy and self-indulgent, but hey, it's his birthday). :laughing:

johnny,you surely mean a "soupcon"(with a sedilla under the "c")... :shades:

As for " the gentle punning of Roger McGough"...what claptrap! Quite apart from the fact that my "rap" (if you look carefully) is remarkably pun-free,(unless you'd care to point one out to me?), does it necessarily follow that "if there were puns, it must be McGough-influenced", like he's the only poet that ever made a pun??! Utterly ludicrous...Same goes for your "sprinkle of Neil Innes". Can't say hand on heart "Never heard of him", but on the other hand, "no idea what he does/did". :confused:

I'm a child of 1965, johnny dear, a youth of the post-punk-rock generation; much of what went on pre-1976 remains a mystery to me if it wasn't in the charts or in my house... :blush:

I hadn't really thought of John Cooper Clarke, though reading it back, I can see what you're both getting at. If pushed to perform it publicly, I can do a good line in dour, "northern working class" vocal, albeit lacking JCC's distinctive nasal quality...

In my head though,it was definitely more of an "uptempo rap number" (a la Public Enemy)

I can hear the beats... :headphones:

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