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How cold is it where you are?


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That's "What would Ben Franklin do?

I couple of people from my office are at a conference in Philly right now. They got there Sunday and will head back on Tuesday afternoon. They're staying at the Marriot and said the snow clean up in Philly was great...really a non-issue for them to get there easily.

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Sunny and 63 today. Supposed to rain again tomorrow. There have been a lot of problems around here with mud slides and roads being washed out. There have already been 9 homes red tagged due to mud flows and 40 some odd places damaged. 800 places were ordered to evacuate at 530 Saturday morning. Things are not looking good if there is more heavy rain.

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Honestly, I can't remember when we (in my area) have had so much snowfall in one month (and the month isn't but half-way through)! In fact, I can't remember so much snowfall in years!

February Fury, yeah baby! (2010)

I'm thinking it'll set new records for snowfall in unusual locations. Heck, this is the first year I've ever seen a beach in my area covered with snow and waves crashing icicles!

It's snowing as I type and is supposed to continue throughout the weekend and into Monday. Wonderful! I love snow!

It's just that I'm not too crazy about frantic shoppers annihilating the bread aisles and nervous drivers almost slamming into me.


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