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I am being defensive, don't know why

it's called 'paranoia'... everybody in the universe has that :grin: ;)

back to topic, I haven't read this one yet, but I hope to do so in the nearer future:

"Who am I and if yes, how many?" a philosophical journey by Richard David Precht

it's supposed to be a well written beginners guide to the Kant-ian philosophical questions (What can I know? What ought I do? What may I hope?) by also combining them with biology, neurology, psychology etc


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If you are looking for short stories I would recommend theses authors: Grimm Brothers, Joseph Conrad, Ernest Hemingway, J.D. Salinger, ALbert Camus, Mc Knight Malmar, Flannery O' Connor, and John Cheever.

From what I recall, Albert Camus did not write short stories. He wrote novels, some plays, and a collection of essays. You might be thinkin' of J.P. Sartre :beatnik:

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Has anyone here ever read George R. R. Martin? A Game of Thrones, A Feast For Crows, etc.?

And if not, then what's wrong with you people???? These are the books that I recommend most highly of any books/authors I have ever read. And there have been a lot. :beatnik:

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Shawna, I have two weeks off next month. I promise I will try to get one of his books, so at least we can talk about it... :cool:

cool! Be sure and get the first in the series. I believe the first one is "A Clash of Kings." I've read the series twice now, and am anxiously awaiting the final addition...

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Actually a friend of mine talked to me about George R.R. Martin some days ago, she said she was reading a novel by him. I don´t like this kind of books but she said I would like this one, it seems it´s a serie of novels and she will lend me the book next month.

Now I think it must be in Spanish because she doesn´t speak English... :P

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Good... :) but I don´t know what tale you mean... wasn´t there a Lieutenant Picard?

My favorite short stories writer is Roald Dahl. "Genesis and Catastrophe"... :P :P

And another tale about a man who found an old chest of drawers in a farm... some antique... maybe "Collector´s Item"?

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