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Classic Rock Intros...


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I think the term for this is called "a hook", as in how one gets a fish eventually into one's creel.

The Beatles and the Stones built their success on catchy hooks. I think of "Day Tripper" (what budding guitar player hasn't attempted THAT intro?) and "Honky Tonk Woman" which still makes me turn the radio up by the third cowbell strike.

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You know, this was exactly what I was hoping for. A reminder of some of the great intros (hooks) in classic rock. Maybe a few I hadn't considered. Honky Tonk Women with that "spilling" guitar run, nice.

Off the top of my head:

Already Gone - Eagles

Fortunate Son - CCR

Mississippi Queen - Mountain

Takin' Care Of Business - BTO

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I love the start of 'No Reply' by The Beatles, where they start singing before the music starts, always makes me feel melancholy, but in a good way.

The drums at the beginning of 'Like Wow Wipeout' by The Hoodoo Gurus! And the guitar at the start of 'The Nips Are Getting Bigger' by Mental As Anything :D :D

How about the laughing that starts Wipeout by the Surfaris...

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Being that he was a session musician, he most likely won't be listed on the credits. Especially 40 years ago; I don't know that people fought for session credits like they do today. And, like I said, "So the rumour goes."

Here's what the producer of the album, Shel Talmy, said, and a comment from Ritchie Blackmore:

There seems to be Kontroversy as to who played guitar on You Really Got Me. Since in 1964, effects were still in their infancy, apparently the amp speakers were tampered with to create the overdriven, fuzzy rhythm guitar effect.

Here are producer Shel Talmy's comments...


Q: How did some of the groups you produced react to having sessionmen on their recordings? There's been a big controversy over whether Jimmy Page played solos on Kinks records, for example.

A: You know how many times I've answered that question? I wish I had a buck for each one. Jimmy Page did not play the solo on "You Really Got Me," he played rhythm guitar. He never played anything but rhythm guitar on that plus [the Kinks'] first album session. On "You Really Got Me," the Kinks had just added Mick [Avory], and I used Bobby Graham on drums. He played rhythm guitar because at the time Ray would not play rhythm guitar, he didn't think he was good enough. So I said, fine, let me get a rhythm guitarist, 'cause Dave [Davies] was playing the leads. We had Jon Lord (1) on organ.

(1) From a Richie Blackmore interview...


But "You Really Got Me," by the Kinks was Jimmy Page because Jon Lord, our organ player, played piano on that session and Dave Davies was nowhere to been seen.

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Did you know that Jimmy Page is the guitar player on "You Really Got Me"? So the legend goes...

Liner notes from Rhino reissue:

"Beautiful Delilah," "Long Tall Shorty" (on which Jimmy Page, who was long thought to have played the famous solo on "You Really Got Me" plays rhythm guitar!), "Got Love If You Want It" and "Bald Headed Woman" all feature the hopelessly reedy-voiced Dave's very hilarious R&B vocal affectations.

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and The Archies Sugar, Sugar with the guitar and hand claps.

The Marcells' Blue Moon...Bom bom ba bom ba bom ba bom bom....

The eerie chords at the beginning of Blue Oyster Cult's Don't Fear The Reaper.

Blue Swede's Hooked On A Feeling...Ooga chakka, ooga ooga, Ooga chakka, ooga ooga....

Bob Seger's piano chords opening to Old Time Rock and Toll.

Bubble Puppy's Hot Smoke and Sassafras-psychedelic to the max.

Buzzy Linhart's plaintive plea at the beginning of Friends.

Muted flute on Canned Heat's Going Up The Country.

The Cadillac's Peek-A-Boo...muh hahaha.

The Chantays' Pipeline. Pizzicato?

Chris Montez' Let's Dance.

The thunder and rain opening to The Doors' Riders On The Storm.

The horns opening to The Ides Of March's Vehicle.

Dexy's Midnight Runners-Come On Eileen.

The Edsels' Ramma Lamma Ding Dong...ramma lamma lamma lamma lamma ding dong, ramma lamma lamma lamma ding.

Edison Lighthouse-Love Grows Where My Rosemary Goes.

The Electric Prunes-I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night-it's like trippin' Man!

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