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Fun and Games: guess the band

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I used to think I was pretty hot s**t 'til I joined Songfacts...there are so many brilliant people here. But thank you Edna :o

Funny thing about Cheap Trick, I never liked them when they were popular in late '70's - early 80's. But I have seen them in concert a couple of times recently and they did great shows...and have a very loyal following. Another thing I respect about them is they are still together as the original four guys :bow: And I did not know about the Double Fanatsy sessions...thanks for that info, Edna :coolio:

enough rambling.....

1. Blue-eyed soulsters of the mid-late sixties.

2. New York City.

3. Refused to tour on bills that were not racially integrated.

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Booker T. & the MG's? I know drummer was killed. Anyway must be them.

new one:

1. Brit underground 80's/90's band.

2. Drummer killed in car crash.

3. Music often described as "modern Doors."

No, the others... so your question goes after, TenYears!

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Echo & the Bunnymen? Drummer died either in a car or motorcycle crash...

TYG, you still didn´t give me your right nswer... it wasn´t Booket T &the MG´s, though they used to play together... very much the same, but you must say it: The... ... .

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Big hint: Otis died in the same plane...

You know, I knew the drummer of Echo... we made a concert for them and he was lovely, and so handsome... I remember we spent a whole afternoon talking and having some drinks before a rehearsal... I was very sad when I knew about that, shortly after.

More hint: The B.. K..

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