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Fun and Games: guess the band

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Sorry for the delay...... ::

1. Formed in the 70's in the home (US) state of a major songfactor.

2. Front man was a baseball player before going musical.

3. Appeared at LIVE AID.

Hey, TenYears, I thought you were gone... sorry about your posts, and I still don´t have an answer to your question, but I´ll check in my rock and roll encyclopaedia...

Oh oh... gotta go, people coming to dinner...

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Five days later, TenYears gone... ::

I´ll post one:

1) Formed by two members of californian awesome band and harmonica player

2) Could be a member of songfacts

3) Had to eliminate the s***t from their name and change by another one (record companie refused...)

Very very easy...

No, two guys playing in both bands... bass and guitar...

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No, no, no, not the Dead... another AWESOME Californian band who had a former drummer who recently died called Spencer ...... and two members made another band WHILE staying in first band... have a name ( two words) which could be in songfacts... no more hints, how many drummers called Spencer dried...sorry, died last week and had a special mention in the Music News thread? :doh:

I love this site and these people! :laughing: :bow: :coolio:

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There I go:

1) From Illinois, they began in the first-middle seventies

") Played a lot, opening for Santana, Boston, Kiss, Kinks among others

3) Three members played with John and Yoko in the sessions of "Double fantasy"... not credited.

4) Have a great album live at some place in Japan.

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