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Henry David

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Thanks for the nice howdy to the kid you guys it was nice of you :D She has kept me running all day :stars: Now she is headed back to the city.

She does have her own acct. but would rather tell me what to nominate in the tens instead of doing her own :confused: of course she doesn't have her own PC yet :laughing:

But she thought you guys were real nice to say hi back so who knows what will happen in the future.

She may be back for 12 days because her old Foreman is requesting her to work a shutdown. Maybe she will make it back to SF and use her own acct. :D

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Her name is Angel and her user name is Phaedra :D
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hmmmm... well, there is one right down the street! But I don't live there... they take too long at the drive-thru. :grin:

:laughing: You're right, it's got me on the wrong side of 19th Avenue! :crazy:

You said you joined, but I'm still the only one in Arizona. Where are you?

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