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Your favourite one hit wonders


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my bad, my bad

I forgot about the other song by War before posting that, I don't know what I was thinking. Thanks for correcting me Bazooka

as for Silverchair, I never really cared for them & they weren't as big in the states. If I remember correctly they were an Aussie take on grunge after it had already faded from the mainstream surface.


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Ram Jam ~ Breakfast in America

I meant to put Ram Jam's Black Betty, somehow I posted SuperTramp's Breakfast in America; I must've been crazy.

I'm no one to talk in this thread now, after like 5 mistakes, so I'll kick my self out the door.

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7 Mary 3, I forgot all about this band, despite seeing them live at the county fair '95. They had another radio hit with "The Water's Edge" which still recieves a fair amount of aircast play due to it's southern rock biker fan base. :rockon:

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One hit wonder artists, that I've heard, not presummably like.

.38 Special ~ Hold on Loosely

They also had "Caught Up In You" and "Second Chance."

Crowded House ~ Don't Dream It's Over

They also had "Locked Out" and, maybe, "Weather With You."

Soul Asylum ~ Runaway Train

What about "Somebody To Shove" and "Black Gold"? From the same album as well.

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7 Mary 3...we booed them off of the stage when they played a concert with Tantric and 3 Doors Down...people threw things at them! They stormed off stage...they werent the best in the world.

Sorry guys...

This was at a 3 Doors Down venue ? Sorry to hear it, I would be nicely put with 7 Marry 3 over 3 Doors Down.

Anyways, it loooks like I've been caught again with even more goofs, so I'll do as earlier noted & keep my promises of not returning to this thread. :blush:

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It made it into the top ten in the US in 1965, and according to allmusic.com: Three of the Beatles were involved in the Silkie's "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away" cover, as Paul McCartney contributed vocals and possibly guitar; George Harrison added percussion via guitar taps and tambourine; and John Lennon, according to the Beatles Undercover book that documents the group's appearances on other records, did most of the producing, although McCartney is sometimes credited as co-producer with Lennon.

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Fave U.S. One Hit Wonders:

"10-9-8"--Face to Face (the band from Boston, not the other Face to Face)

"Jungle Boy"--John Eddie

"Salt In My Tears"--Martin Briley

"That's Why"--The Party

"Tender Love"--Force MDs

"Love Is Blue"--Paul Mauriat

"Sausalito Summernight"--Diesel

"Sweetheart"--Franke & the Knockouts

"Stumblin' In"--Suzi Quatro & Chris Norman

"Somebody's Knockin'"--Terri Gibbs

"Don't Wanna Fall In Love"--Jane Child

"Misty Blue"--Dorothy Moore

"Take A Little Rhythm"--Ali Thompson

"Desert Moon"--Dennis DeYoung

"Object of My Desire"--Starpoint

"Everybody Dance"--Ta Mara and the Seen

"You Get What You Give"--New Radicals

"Native New Yorker"--Odyssey

"The Smurf"--I don't remember the artist's name, it's an instrumental circa 1984

"Voodoo"--Rachel Sweet

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