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  1. Thanks for all your help Edna- did what you said but it timed out will take note however and try another time
  2. Ray Davies and on a comical front - the guys behind the lyrics to the Half Man Half Biscuit songs
  3. Oliver's Army - Elvis Costello History Lesson - Living Colour Hurricane - Bob Dylan
  4. I've got loads (but don't tell anyone' Down Down - Status Quo Love Is In the Air - John Paul Young Drops of Jupiter - Train Could it Be Magic - either Take That or Barry Manilow Fantasy - Earth Wind and Fire Biology - Girls Aloud She Means Nothing to Me - Cliff Richard and the Everly Brothers Whole Again - Atomic Kitten there are loads more but I have probably disgraced myself enough already
  5. Heartache Avenue - The Maisonettes Don't know if this was a hit in the US, it was a sadly largely forgotten top ten hit in the UK around 1982 - got a great Spector-esque feel to it
  6. American sounding rock band - lyrics include 'Guilty as sin, your kiss will tell me everything, Its all f**ked up Cos now I know you're just a slut' A classic bitter rock track but haven't a clue who it is by or what it is called? anyone out there know?
  7. Netral Milk Hotel's brilliant 'In the Aeroplane Over the Sea' Wonderfully surreal - though it did freak my friend's three year old daughter out the last time she came round Sorry - tried to paste the actual image but didn't work - I'm new here and I guess i'm a slow learner
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