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Your favourite one hit wonders


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Alright, alright, stop this Antipodean Lovefest....I am deeply ashamed that I caused any offence.....for reasons that escape me I have become rather fond of BF and his scatalogical ranting and so I percieved OLD whatsits posting as a slur on both my, and BF's right to take threads off into uncharted territory....but I didn't really mean to be rude to our Ozzie pals....some of my favourite bands are from Oz, including Sherbert, Midnight Oil, Australian Crawl, Beer Goggles, Hunter's and Collectors, Split Enz and Mutton Birds (shame the last two are actually New Zealnd Bands...but Oz has appropriated them)...I could go on.

Sorry sorry sorry (about the Cricket :) )


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Tch...you go away for a few days, and come back to find all hell let loose. At the risk of being mis-construed, I don't mind saying "my dander is up", but hopefully I will remain as composed and reasonable as possible.

B-F and JG I don't think much of your posts at all.

And this is supposed to be a music forum, not one of those "true confessions" "spill all" sex tabloids which some of you English seem so fond of.

You're both fairly new here and sometimes I think you just try to stir things up. I'm no saint (that's for sure) but it's embarrassing to see a couple of grown men talking like schoolkids.

Jr - come back and be a Moderator again please !


I refute the suggestion that I have been "stirring things up". Let's have a look at what actually happened here...

1) Someone posted yet another vote for "Turning Japanese"

2) I pointed out that this makes it a candidate for official "One-Hit Wonder Champion"

So far, reasonably close to the thread-theme.

3) Psychocatholic ventured his opinion that the song is "disgusting"

4) I responded by venturing my opinion that the song is only disgusting if one perceives masturbation to be disgusting / degrading (given that "masturbation" is the theme of the song).

I don't happen to concur that masturbation is any more disgusting than any other sexual act. Given that there are thousands of songs about "sex" out there, (many thinly-disguised excuses for distasteful misogyny), why not an odd few that celebrate "the Greatest Love of All", a relatively benign and commonplace pastime? Despite the use of jocular euphemisms for "the one-handed act", I believe this was a reasonably mature exchange of views.

5) I went on to point out that the songs title / chorus has racist connotations. In my view this is arguably more offensive than the subject matter in hand. (Ooops!)

Now forgive me if I'm wrong, but I've got the impression that the exchange of opinion, insight and information about music is SongFacts' essential "raison d'etre", so I'm struggling to understand in what way I have "transgressed".

You appeal for the return of a "moderator". What does this mean? Does "moderator" = "Censor"? If so, I don't get it.

WHY are you so certain it's about masturbation ?

Why am I convinced that the song is about masturbation? (Anyone noticed how boring "masturbation" is when it's repeated over and over again? )

Well, it is...believe me. I am loath to explain, as I feel it will demystify the song, spoil its charm, and cast The Vapours (who were an excellent band) in an unfavourable light. But, if it will help to remove the charges hanging over me.....here goes:

The narrator is "imprisoned" (either literally or metaphorically: the listener must decide) and his obsessive desire for the object of his "affections", (who is unattainable), is driving him kinda crazy: this much is fairly clear. But what kind of madness is this, that possesses him so? You'll no doubt have noticed his repeated concern that (in his words) "I'm Turning Japanese, I think I'm Turning Japanese, I really think so". Bizarre? Not really. You see the title / chorus is a reference to an old racist joke, which (alas) has a visual punchline (hence difficult to convey here). This "joke" essentially suggests that certain physical characteristics perceived as typically Oriental (namely prominent teeth and narrow eyes) are the result of frantic and frequent masturbation.

There...now I've spoiled the song for everyone I can go home.

But not before a word in passing about johnnyguitar, who has apparently

"grown fond of BF and his scatalogical outbursts".

Whilst I'm flattered to be on the receiving end of your patronage, johnny (do you practice, or does it come naturally?), I really don't need it. For the record "scatalogical" means "pertaining to the study of excrement". On that basis, one would assume my posts to be littered (sorry!) with frequent references to the bodily function of "defecation". To my knowledge, the closest I have come to anything genuinely "scatalogical" has been one fairly innocuous use of the word "crap". (Oh, and possibly a more emphatic sh!t)

I'm not sure what johnny was playing at when he decided to alienate the entire continent of Australasia, but he appears to have had the spanking his comments deserved. I must say though that his "some of my favourite bands are Australian" defence was rather feeble: suspiciously reminiscent of the old "I'm not racist, some of my friends are darkies" line. If I'm not mistaken, some of the most repellent Nazi-scum skinheads of yesteryear were very fond of Jamaican ska music...but that's another story.

I hope we're all still friends. Peace on Earth and Goodwill to All.

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It comes down to this. The site is a MUSIC site, and while a little sexual banter is fine, your original post was (to me) tasteless.

You and I have had other more pleasant communication, and I certainly bear you no ill will. (Nor JG neither).

I hope you have a Wonderful Christmas and a Very Happy New Year.


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Spirit In The Sky by Norman Greenbaum

I was travelling to Georgia during March of 1970 with the Marshall University Geology Department for a field trip when Spirit In The Sky came out.

Every time I here that song it takes me back to a more laid back and fun time in my life.


Marshall U. 1971

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A song from the eighties, "Every time you go away", or something like this...

Lorks!! Paul Young was a one-hit wonder???!!! Where? That's where I want to be!

My memory of early 80s UK is of a hit-parade blighted by the virtually permanent presence of Mr Young: a lovely fellow 'in real life' and a wonderful singer, but tragically bereft of taste. (I say that, but at least two of the songs he covered - "Love Will Tear Us Apart" and "Love Of The Common People" were terrific , originally)

Apart from these tracks, he thrilled us all with the following... (some of which must surely have been international hits)..

Come Back and Stay (for Good This Time)

I'm Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down

Senza Una Donna (with Zucchero)

and the execrable "Wherever I Lay My Hat (That's My Home).

Paul's classic album "No Parlez" is now available again in a million charity shops..... ;)

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