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  1. Rooster and Billy don't be a hero are both legit. Lee Greenwood - Proud to be an American
  2. Dylan's 115th Dream is pretty darn good. Bloodhound Gang - A Lapdance is so much better when the stripper is crying Jimmy Fallon - in the woods
  3. i think pearl jam has just slowly and consistently deteriorated, i didn't mind one hot minute as well. I like it better than their last 2 albums. they're another band i have come to like less w/ time
  4. in regards to the Honorable mentions, i know Pearl Jam has put out a few albums far worse than Vitalogy. Maybe i was just young, but when Metallica's Load came out i thought it wasn't too bad, of course maybe there is a reason that I haven't listend to it since then. What about Kiss's dico album. I'm not in the KISS army or anything, but the fact they did a disco album should rank 'em 1 on that list
  5. I am currently making ringtones for my phone on my pc and would listen to any suggestions. Here's a few that i've made already Pearl Jam - elderly woman behind a counter in a small town "I just want to scream... HELLO" 4 Non blondes- What's going on Blues Traveler - The Hook that part where they are singing really fast David allen coe - you never even call me by my name Beatles - Hello Goodbye I'm also looking for just great instrumental sections of songs
  6. bad reputation - thin lizzy billion dollar babies - alice cooper can't you hear me knowckin - stones carry on wayward son - KS cherry pie - warrant crazy on you - heart free bird - lynyrd skynyrd hangar 18 - megadeth heart-shaped box - nirvana hush - deep purple jessica - allman bros killing in the name - rage last child - aerosmith madhouse - anthrax mesage in a bottle - police misirlou - dick dale monkey wrench - foo fighters mother - danzig shout at the devil - motley crue stop - jane's addiction strutter - kiss surrender - cheap trick sweet child of mine - GnR rock
  7. I don't like rap much myself, i did listen to it in high school when I thought I was cool, but what about the Beastie Boys? or Dr. Dre-Chronic 2001, although an album i never put on, but it was the most complete rap album i've ever heard or 2 Pac, once again I don't blast him while i'm rolling through the hood, but he actually has some insightful things to say, which most of the time rap isn't about depth, but just about b#$#@es and marijuana, and im guessing that would be that would be your main arguement,
  8. Does anyone watch It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia? It is on f/x, thursday, 10 pm eastern. It is one of the funniest shows on TV. It is like dessert for The Office. Anyone else feel the same? similar? completely in the opposite direction?
  9. first thing, ringo doesn't get a lot of street cred because a)he was a drummer b)played behind 3 giants, and by giants i mean the biggest giants out there, and c)well, we all know his real name is richard starky. Also, i believe ringo was quite flashy, i think i read somewhere an article in reader's digest on the Beatles talking about he was always wearing flashy jewelry, etc. I'm not sure if that's the flash everyone is talking about, but fyi I don't hate Ringo, don't love him, but did tell us about an octopus's garden, about getting by and high with a little help from his friends, a
  10. well, that's a strong opinion, but i have always like pearl jam, but i'm getting a little sick of their political stuff, and i really didn't care for eddie vedder's storytellers scene where he changes the meaning of betterman to being about bush instead of his stepfather
  11. yea, orbison is right, you're not a fan of mcclean, the cover, or both? i'm not really a huge fan of him, but i do like a few
  12. 17 of 20, printing it off and putting it on the fridge
  13. pearl jam-last kiss (i found the original by J. Frank Wilson in a stack of 45's i have and pretty cool as well) nirvana-lake of fire; meat puppets original pearl jam-wish you were here; not better than Floyd but great don mcclean-crying; otis redding original cake-guitar man; bread original
  14. Nickelback-first to come to mind and by everone else's picks, unanimous #1 Aerosmith-i agree w/ the comment earlier about Dream On though, still like that and sweet emotion due to Dazed and Confused coldplay-hate their videos jack johnson-"he's very #$%*!" jack black-high fidelity weezer- go fly a kite
  15. a snap braclet would be a nice touch to a non-grunge look, maybe get some tips from the movie clueless, and for some reason i'm picturing a jean jacket, acid wash? if you can remember the jean tuck/tie at the bottom of the pant legs of jeans, at would be classic
  16. I heard this song on a commercial and it goes, "It's Love, it's Love, it's la la la la la la la la la la, it's love" I don't know the commercial. I just remember hearing it. anyone?
  17. ben folds has some good stuff annie waits song for the dumped is awesome and a lot of sappy ones
  18. teenage dirtbag - wheatus it mentions iron maiden, it's a little emoey, but pretty damn good
  19. i'm goinng to have to go to another message board to give someone else a chance at answering, you're too quick, Billy the Kid
  20. i recently just had family christmas, and my cousing and uncle were talking about a country song they heard but didn't know who or what it was. they said it was about a trucker that was driving and there was a girl in a bikini or towel on a billboard? Is this ringing anybody's bell?
  21. I am just curious as to how radio stations are around the world. Mine is 99.3 The Eagle, and it is classic rock (softly) and dives a little into the 80's (Tears For Fears & Cars). And i swear they have one playlist of about 1,000 songs that they put on shuffle everyday. The only Dylan they play is Knockin' on Heaven's Door, The Beatles apparently only have 5 songs, and I don't want to hear Kenny Loggins telling me I'm All Right everyday. I also think my station is having an affair with Steve Perry. By the way, Mother Nature's Son is playing on my playlist. They play the same 4 Journe
  22. If anyone saw the classic albums episode on VH1 classic on Dark Side of the Moon, there was a scene where Waters played money acoustic for a few seconds and I was just wondering if anyone knows if there is an actual full song out there because it was pretty cool
  23. Very nice laurie on w.a.n.d. - flaming lips. I like, very much. The chris f. - effigy song I am having a very tough time finding this song, any clues on where i could get it??? I also think i'm going to have to check some more on the flaming lips. heard of them, just got a street named after them i guess in their hometown, but i'm going to have to check out more of their music from this song, thanks
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