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Your favourite one hit wonders


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If you look very closely at this page, it appears as if I must have had a post deleted here. :confused:

It's a couple of weeks ago now, but as I recall, the post to which Earth-Angel responded contained one line, whose only (trivial) point was to express surprise that "Whipping Boy" are famous: I've never heard of them!.

Just because a post is "throwaway", doesn't mean it has to be thrown away, does it??? :confused: :confused:

I'm baffled. It wasn't offensive, except perhaps in a tangential (and wholly unintended) way: to members of the band and their mums... And even then only if they happen to have the most fragile of overblown egos...

:confused: :confused: :confused:

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This happened to me too!

A few weeks ago at least two of my posts in the "Random Lyrics" topic got deleted. And they were (if at all) only very slightly offensive.

But what's even worse, imo, is that I only accidently discovered it. There was no PT from a moderator to me, or another note whatsoever.

Now, I can't help but wonder if they were the only ones that got deleted? :confused:

Now don't get me wrong, I have the uttermost respect for the moderators here. I spoke to one about it and they agreed with me, so I know that this isn't the usual procedure.

I know it's sometimes unavoidable to delete parts of a post, or even the whole thing. But there should be a notice about it. For example you could not delete the post, but only the contents and put a "Edit by Moderator: Offensive content" or something in it. Or at least a PT to the member whos post got deleted.

I would like to have both. I mean how else would you (as Mod) know that they wouldn't post it again, if they didn't know they did something wrong?


That's my opinion, anyways...

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Glad I'm not imagining it...I was wondering if I might have somehow deleted it myself, though I can't imgine why/how I would: the post was only four words long (the words E-A quoted), so I can't think why I would go back to edit it, (especially once it had been responded to)...and then to accidentally delete it...It seems a bit unlikely, though it can't be ruled out.

"Whipping boy are known?" How on earth could that upset anyone?

I'm genuinely flummoxed.

BTW, Farin. I'm pretty sure you're right re: the adoption of the policy of informing posters if their posts have to be edited or deleted. Most Moderators seem to agree that this would be "good practice". It's sneaky when ones posts are deleted without any explanation whatsoever, (and quite tormenting if it happens repeatedly) It only takes a quiet word of explanation via a PM, or a "Post Deleted because..." message.

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Can You Give It All To Me - Myles And Lenny

This is an obscure Canadian band and I don't know if this 1974 hit ever made the charts in the United States. It was unusual in that it featured the violin as a solo instrument and not as part of a backing orchestra.

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One hit wonder artists, that I've heard, not presummably like.

Keith ~ 98'

Blues Magoos ~ Pipe Dream

The Troggs ~ Wild Thing

Mountain ~ Mississippi Queen

Free ~ All Right Now

Foghat ~ Slow Ride

Black Oak Arkansas ~ Jim Dandy

David Essex ~ Rock On

Head East ~ Never Been Any Reason

War ~ Low Rider

Stealer's Wheel ~ Stuck in the Middle with You

Ram Jam ~ Breakfast in America

.38 Special ~ Hold on Loosely

The Knack ~ My Sharona

Kim Carnes ~ Bette Davis Eyes

Vapors ~ Turning Japanese

Rockwell ~ Somebody's Watching Me

Autograph ~ Turn Up the Radio

Murray Head ~ One Night in Bangkok

Crowded House ~ Don't Dream It's Over

The Church ~ Under the Milky Way

Great White ~ Once Bitten, Twice Shy

Jesus Jones ~ Right Here, Right Now

Soul Asylum ~ Runaway Train

Candlebox ~ Far Behind

Silverchair ~ Tomorrow

Primative Radio Gods ~ Standing Outside a Broken Phone Booth with Money in My Hand

Space ~ Female of the Species

Spacehog ~ In the Mean Time

Lifehouse ~ Hangin' By a Moment

Crazy Town ~ Butterfly

Alien Ant Farm ~ Smooth Criminal (M.J. cover)


Whoever said Blue Oyster Cult & Thin Lizzy are one hit wonders, is all wrong. Those groups had a couple of B*Side hits during their time, such as "Burning For You", etc.

Not in my incoherant eccentric way of posting.

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