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The first song ever registered


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We actually don't need to be notified by the server if someone is not participating any longer because if you try to make an additional entry in a PT when someone is not participating any longer, it tells you that there is no one left to reply to.

I sometimes make an additional reply in a PT a few days later so I don't clean up for a few days at least.

I don't think that anyone is being rude when I'm notified that the other person has cleaned up.

To me, it's only saying that they have no additional comments at this time and they will start a new PT if they think of anything additional to say in the future.

If you have sent someone well wishes in a PT and you know that they are not participating any longer, think to yourself that they have printed and/or saved any text or images that you sent them before they deleted them.

That's what I do. :)

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Hi Shawna :)

If you have submitted Songfacts about an artist, they have to be checked and added to the database before you can add lyrics. Looking through the C list, I couldn't find any for Roger, so that means they are somewhat "pending".

When they do get added, you'll be able to see them from the homepage. On the page that contains the facts, there will be a "submit lyrics" link where you can type in or paste in the lyrics to the song in question.

If you browse through some of the other Songfact pages, you will normally see a "view lyrics" link. This is because someone has already submitted lyrics for that particular song.

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I've got a question...I know after all this time, I feel dumb asking...but I've noticed you can just quote a line from someone's post, I've seen lots of you do that, I just don't know how without quoting the whole darn post...I've tried different ways, and it always ends up quoting the whole post.....please let me know thanks....I feel silly asking this... :P

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