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[smallest]hint: the link involves

1) players in these groups

2) another band [/smallest]

Big Hint [big]:[/big]

They played the same position in [smallest]2)[/smallest] before moving into [smallest]1)[/smallest]. Only the one still living was with either [smallest]1)[/smallest] or [smallest]2)[/smallest] during peak periods of popularity.

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It's the James Gang.

I know Troiano (dunno first name) left them to play for The Guess Who and I know Joe Walsh played The Eagles and James Gang. I can only assume it's another guitarist from Deep Purple who started with JG.

(Bolen maybe?) :crazy: or is this too much of a stretch??

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That was exactly the esoteric stretch I wanted!

Italian-born naturalized Canadian guitarist Domenic Troiano joined The James Gang when Joe Walsh went solo.

When Troiano left to join The Guess Who, he was replaced by Tommy Bolin (on the recommendation of Joe Walsh).

Tommy Bolin left in 1974 after two James Gang albums, and joined Deep Purple.

Substance abuser Bolin died in 1976 after falling unconscious following a concert.

Troiano died of prostate cancer in 2005. See the Dominic Troiano Guitar Scholarship.

Walsh was invited into The Eagles around the Hotel California / The Long Run days when the band shifted from country rock to songs with harder edge.

Go rayzor!

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wow... you make them wild bazooka!! :thumbsup:

Am I ever glad I knew enough about Walsh and Troiano! Bolin (sorry I mis-spelled earlier) was a wild guess cuz he's the only guitarist whose name I could remember :laughing:

Now for something simple...

The E Street Band

Meat Loaf

10,000 Maniacs

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