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A couple of words common to these:

[*] the subtitle to one of The Rolling Stones greatest hits albums

[*] a 9 minute 45 second track from a less famous guitar-heavy 70s Southern Rock Band.

[*] a hit song for Tom Jones, also performed by Johnny Cash, Elvis and dozens of Country & Pop artists.

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Green Grass?

Fits 1 and 3 - I don't know the other band. Gary Lewis & The Playboys had a Top Ten Hit with a song of that name in 1966, but they're not Southern or Rock or 70s.


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Yes, Laurie and Old 55.

The Rolling Stones: Big Hits (High Tide and Green Grass), their first greatest hits collection.

The Outlaws: Green Grass and High Tides. I said this group out of Tampa, Florida was "less famous", but this signature tune sometimes plays on classic rock stations.

Tom Jones: The Green, Green Grass Of Home. He reportedly chose this song after hearing the Jerry Lee Lewis straight Country version.

I'll let you two work out the rights to the next post.

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Please Laurie - you go ahead! :)

I didn't know the Outlaws. "High Tide And Green Grass" was the first Stones Album I ever had (still have it)and I didn't know "Green Green Grass Of Home" was a country song Bazooka, that's interesting. Jerry Lee Lewis is really versatile. I picked up a 3 CD box set of his recently which has other ballads I haven't heard him sing before. :)

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Hey Old 55, you must listen to green grass and hightides by the outlaws, you'll love it. I saw them three times in the 70's, they put on a great show....great guitar too! ok i guess i'll do one, mine are always too easy it seems, oh well here it goes :)

the titles of these three artist's songs all have one common theme.

carpenters...not one of their popular songs

earth wind and fire...from a 1975 album

cat stevens....1971

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I have the feeling I'm missing something.

Here's a weak attempt.

The Carpenters - The End Of The World

Cat Stevens - Wild World

Earth, Wind & Fire - That's The Way Of The World

Earth, Wind & Fire had lots of 'celestial' songs (Shining Star, Sunshine, Sun Godess, New World Symphony), and the Carpenters have others (Top Of The World and Superstar, but those were popular) and Cat Stevens did Moon Shadow.

Can't connect Elton John, except by Rocket Man -- and Pink Floyd with Dark Side Of The Moon.

That's all pretty shaky. Am I even in the neighborhood?

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