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I think because he has a capital Y for Young means it is a Proper Name. I didn't keep you in suspense this long in the Quiz, did I???

Did they at some time have a Manager or Producer with the surname Young in common?

Other thought is that "Theme From The Monkees" has a line something like "we're the Young Generation" AND a song, "Sweet Young Thing" (but he said Mickey Dolenz specifically). The Who had "My Generation" and "The Kids Are Alright" (but AGAIN he said John Entwistle specifically). The Eurythmics had "All The Young" and "Beautiful Child" (but AGAIN...Annie Lennox).

IF it is the Groups and NOT the individuals, I suggest we stone Bazooka to death.

Kevin! "Who says I'm Dumb?" - Cpl.Agarn to Sgt.O'Rourke.

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Who's in the Forums? Laurie or Windy didn't put on a question. How about one of our European Beauties (Foxy or Edna) putting on a question to keep the Thread going. Just a suggestion if I may.....don't make them too hard or give a small clue, or the thread STALLS!!!

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Here?s what I can?t seem to give away.

[*] Cinnamon Girl

a bonus track on the CD release of John Entwistle?s first solo album Smash Your Head Against The Wall.

[*] Don't Let It Bring You Down

on Annie Lennox?s ?all-covers? collection Medusa.

[*] Sugar Mountain

on the Micky Dolenz children?s record Micky Dolenz Puts You To Sleep, with 60s tunes arranged as lullabies.

Anybody still helpless to make a Young connection?

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Laurie: I have to see... I´ll look for it...

Old55: yes. They all spent some time in jail, Chrissie Hynde defending Animal´s rights, Dino Valenti (18 months) who knows why and Paul McCartney for growing pot on his van in japan.

Life goes on, bra...

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