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Laurie: I have to see... I´ll look for it...

Old55: yes. They all spent some time in jail, Chrissie Hynde defending Animal´s rights, Dino Valenti (18 months) who knows why and Paul McCartney for growing pot on his van in japan.

Life goes on, bra...

valenti...was imprisoned for a drug charge...but i dont know for what...

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Hi Laurie. I was just on my way to bed when you put this question on (last night our time). It's a shame no one else had a go at it, but they are Oldies!

They're all themes from TV shows.

John Sebastian

"Welcome Back Kotter" with Gabe Kaplin and John Travolta.

Johnny Rivers

"Secret Agent Man" - "Secret Agent" ("Danger Man" here in Australia) with Patrick McGoohan.

Perry Como

"Seattle" - "Here Come The Brides" with Bobby Sherman (from the GREAT music show "Shindig").

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These Artists all had Hit songs in the 1980s with something in common!

Phil Collins

Stevie Wonder

Frankie Goes To Hollywood

Thanks Laurie. Sorry I didn't put a question on earlier. I've just been teasing (I meant to say, playing with) Alyssa, my Grandaughter!

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simon and garfunkel/ Mrs. Robinson (Joe DiMaggio)

meatloaf/ Paradise By The Dashboard Light (Radio Broadcast of game)

joe walsh....Don't know....not a fan of his (solo)...unless it's "Time Out", an expression in baseball and a number of other sports. Somebody fill it in if you know please, and then it's your turn!

" That's it, I quit - I'm movin' on "

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well the only kim and keith i know is kim and keith moon...i think his wife lived in africa?

lola? well there's lola from the kinks? or i googled lola, and it came up with a chimpanzee from spain...lol..

little GB? no idea...guess i'll have to do more research

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Yes, they're all mentioned in ZZ Top's song "Lowdown In The Street", from the album "Dequelo". That wasn't a bad album, but I'd be willing to bet that not a lot here have heard of the album OR the song. "Jimmy And JoJo" gave it to me. I was thinking of "Lola" / The Kinks.

Sorry, but I think that IF we keep putting obscure album tracks in questions, this Thread is going to DIE.


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OLD 55,

Sorry. One man's obscure is another's required listening.

Neil Sedaka's Alice in Wonderland wasn't on the tip of most tongues.

Joe Walsh, however, is a staple of classic rock stations here in the Land Up Over.

Maybe I've played Deguello* too often, but I purposely didn't lead off with "Jimmy and Jojo" because that phrase immediately makes me think of ZZ Top. "Lola (Out of Control-a)" was designed to throw folks off, to keep a measure of challenge.

But anyway, I resolve to be simpler if I'm at bat again.

Have a nice link!


* Deguello is much better than "not bad" (Fool For Your Stockings, I Thank You, HiFi Mama, I'm Bad I'm Nationwide, Cheap Sunglasses, etc.)

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Sorry Mate. I apologise; one man's meat is another man's poison. I think I'm just becoming a Cranky Old Bugger. When I made that post, I'd been trying to get into the site for ages. Some of the questions I've asked at times have been a bit over the top, I'm sure - but I try to make them a bit more "gettable" now.!

ZZ Top got a lot more airplay than Joe Walsh. My favorite song from that album - and I don't know all of the tracks - is "Cheap Sunglasses". Joe Walsh was never really popular solo here - only when he was an Eagle. Katie can correct me if I'm wrong, but I think if he had to rely on us for an income he'd have gone broke.

Funny, Neil Sedaka was very big down here. He even recorded a song for "Australia Only" which he said was "to thank us" for taking his "Star Crossed Lovers" to #1 for 7 weeks in 1969. The song was "Wheeling, West Virginia" which was top 10 here in 1970. I don't think either of those were Hits anywhere else in the WORLD.

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