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UncleJoe needs your help

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What the heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! This really sucks. All my posts are gone and I had to re-register in order to get back on the boards. I hope they get this mess straightened out so I can get back to SeaTurtle and my posts return along with my rating(s).

Somebody please help me!

Hey, I heard that!

That's Uncle NooB to you!!

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Take it easy,now. Let's not panic. I'm sure this is something that can be fixed quite easily. When I had my e-mail issues (wow, that sounds like female issues. LOL), I only compounded it by being impatient.

Ended up, all that needed to be done was Carl put my e-mail back in for me.

So, everybody stay calm. Proceed in an orderly fashion to the nearest exit.

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Hi and thanks for your responses (except yours, Sammy)LOL.

First of all, no...I didn't change a thing. Same PC, ISP, same e-mail. Everything's the same as it was.

Secondly,thanks for the rating to whoever was so kind.

Thirdly, ya know Peaches, that thingy with the thong just might help. It sure couldn't hurt. But don't let Sammy look.

Hopefully by tomorrow they'll have this straightened out and I can be myself again.

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Sick feeling, I know. I was there. I spent a whole days as _Jr_, with a grand total of maybe 20 posts. No fear, though.

You'll just have to take you lumps until it's fixed. I'd send a pm to Sara and Carl. One or the other will be along soon enough. Until that time, see if you can get to 10 posts. LOL.

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Welcome to Songfacts! We used to have this member who was also named UncleJoe, and he even had the same avatar. But we decided that since he wouldn't stand up from that desk and show us the rest, that we had to ask him to kindly leave.

No ATC... I did stand up to try on my Songfacts G-String and that's when they tried to get rid of me. Some nerve, huh?

Just for that, here goes....


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Yes, I noticed this yesterday... your answer to one of my posts were gone... if this isn´t fixed by tomorrow, I´ll PM the mods too... anyway, we´re having big trouble with songfacts lately... I can´t open any page of any thread which isn´t the first one... or in case the thread has 10 pages, i just can reach the 9th... in every thread... I´m feeling odd too, Uncle... Why don´t you PM Carl and Sara? I´ll do it tomorrow, deadline... I can´t post what I want... but I´m sure they´ll give you back your status...

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Uncle Joe -

You've Entered The Twilight Zone!

(in my best Rod Serling impersonation) :jester:

You know John, I can even hear that eerie background music.

And edna, thank you! Carl's working on it. It doesn't look like I'll get my "points" back but maybe my previous posts and a new marine name.

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As a public service, here's what I remember from UncleJoe's previous posts

favorite songs: Who Are You?, Return To Me, Outasight, She's Not There.

favorite artists: Question Mark and The Mysterians, Stealer's Wheel, Faith No More.

favorite movies: Gone With The Wind, The Vanishing, Eraser, Blank Slate.

favorite TV shows: Unsolved Mysteries, Whose Line Is It Anyway, X Files.

Just kidding, Joe.

A real bummer that your exceptional contributions have disappeared. We hope they can be restored in short order.

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