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Another brick in the wall...

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Heard this one on the news this morning. The kids (now adults) who sang on Floyd's "Another Brick In The Wall" are suing Pink Floyd. They were paid the equivalent of $100.00 each for their part on the recording. They now want royalties that would total about $300.00 each. A mere $300.00...LOL. Guess what? Floyd is refusing to settle on principle.

Apparently the little bastards didn't eat their meat and now they want their pudding.

Any views?

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it's just that writing the best music in the world goes to your head after a while.

:laughing: :laughing: funny stuff.

I do think Waters was a control freak. But I think the main thing is that Rogers wanted to do more experimental music while Dave was on the more traditional/soulful side and kinda went along. I'm just glad they lasted enough to record The Wall (phew!).

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