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  1. i heard this song at a basketball game. theres a really heavy base line at the begining and all the words are sung with some weird accent all i can make to is ai! ai! ai! ohh sharona! sorry i know that isn't much..
  2. my wife banged gene simmons!
  3. i just got pink floyd pulse. it's real good
  4. :guitar:how :guitar: the :guitar: west :guitar: was :guitar: won :guitar: :led zeppelin
  5. this is real hard. right now it might be while my gutair gently weeps- the beatles
  7. i didn't know much about them but i got an elo albums for christmas. real good stuff. i like rockaria and turn to stone alot.
  8. mine has like 1000 something songs on it. it's a dell dude
  9. why not. how about why don't we do it in the road?
  10. stewie: you all right big guy, want a soda big guy? brian is the best!
  11. did i acidentally click the girls only thread?
  12. the thing about girls is it seems like everytime you look around their changing their minds about something
  13. warren zevons as seeing he was "knocking" on heaven's door
  14. don't you mean the: uw uw, uw uw uw, uw uw, uw, uw uw
  15. rocky raccoon-the beatles a bob dylan spoof but still a great song
  16. ever since this post started i've been getting that stuck in my head
  17. i read them a couple years ago (12) there real good. a new one just came out and i'm soon to get my hands on it ::
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