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  1. evan33594

    weird song we've all heard

    christ your good, thanks man
  2. evan33594

    weird song we've all heard

    i heard this song at a basketball game. theres a really heavy base line at the begining and all the words are sung with some weird accent all i can make to is ai! ai! ai! ohh sharona! sorry i know that isn't much..
  3. evan33594

    Family Guy

    my wife banged gene simmons!
  4. evan33594

    Favorite live albums

    i just got pink floyd pulse. it's real good
  5. evan33594

    Favorite live albums

    :guitar:how :guitar: the :guitar: west :guitar: was :guitar: won :guitar: :led zeppelin
  6. evan33594

    What is your favorite song?

    this is real hard. right now it might be while my gutair gently weeps- the beatles
  7. evan33594

    Family Guy

  8. evan33594

    Calling all ELO fans

    i didn't know much about them but i got an elo albums for christmas. real good stuff. i like rockaria and turn to stone alot.
  9. evan33594

    Mp3 players..

    mine has like 1000 something songs on it. it's a dell dude
  10. evan33594

    Good songs for a striptease

    why not. how about why don't we do it in the road?
  11. evan33594

    Family Guy

    stewie: you all right big guy, want a soda big guy? brian is the best!
  12. evan33594

    Best & favourite Cover Songs

    i did not know that
  13. evan33594

    WHY Ashlee Simpson does rock

    in case you missed it
  14. evan33594

    Teen Talk

    did i acidentally click the girls only thread?