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  1. You wanna know why she Dyed her hair black and is all against Pop and Blonde and does rock is because She Makes MONEY the same as what here sister makes the only reason why She is an artist is because she AGREEd to be anti Britney :guitar: she FU*&^%$ sucks
  2. I'm New Here but you no what I love Yeah Yeah Yeahs Yeah and The Mars Volta The girl i'm sitting next to right now LOVES STATIC X But we Hate Breaking Benjimin So F*&^ Off B B fans Ha ha ha thats so corny this is what i look like >>>> :happybanana:
  3. You no What! Don't really like them bands either Greenday was so much better after/ Dookie? :happybanana: :happybanana: :guitar: :beady:
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