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Hey, we are watching a "History of Rock and Roll" video in history, and they interviewed Bo Diddley. Made me think of you.

When I was in high school (1963-1967), Rock and Roll didn't have much history yet. But I did get to experience first-hand the breakthrough of the Beatles and the British Invasion through the Summer of Love psychedelia.

I just found out Bo Diddley is appearing locally (just up the road a piece) a week from Friday. It is good to know he is still out playing around the country at age 75.

Soon as three o'clock rolls around

You finally lay your burden down

Close up your books, get out of your seat

Down the halls and into the street

Up to the corner and round the bend

Right to the juke joint, you go in ...

Hail, Hail Rock and Roll

Deliver me from the days of old

Long Live Rock and Roll

The beat of the drums, loud and bold

Rock, Rock, Rock and Roll

The feeling is there, Body and Soul ~ from School Day by Chuck Berry

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I have so many rock posters in my tiny bedroom that several have ended up on the ceiling. I have:

2 Tom Petty posters (One is the cover of Pulse Magazine, the other is for Long After Dark.)

4 Walter Egan posters (Two for HiFi, one for Not Shy, and one for Wild Exhibitions.)

5 Fleetwood Mac posters (one reproduction of a 1976 tour poster, one for Time, two for The Dance, and one from their Say You Will tour).

3 Lindsey Buckingham posters (one for each solo album)

1 Bob Seger poster (promo for his first Greatest Hits release)

1 Pretenders poster (for Viva El Amor)

1 for Thirty Odd Foot of Grunts (Russell Crowe's group, now disbanded)

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