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I have these two framed & displayed in my lounge room, along with many Pink Floyd posters, black light posters, various art replicas, abstract paintings, 3D art, etcetera. The Led Zeppelin is made out of fabric & approx 42" x 30", the Jimi I've had for a very long time & is still in mint condition.


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Too bad KISS doesn't get any respect around here.

I absolutely respect KISS. Showmanship is a very important part of music, whether we want to admit it or not. I'd rather spend money to see a live concert with all the hoopla than to see a bunch of guys not doing anything but standing there playing sad bastard music. The sad bastard music might be more "important" and "relevant" than "Rock and Roll All Night", but I can listen to the "serious" music at home for free.

You wanted the best...you got the best (spectacle)!


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Peaches, I love your Kiss poster!!! I can´t post pictures because (did I say it only 64 times?) my scanner is packed and I guess I can´t post anything from my personal files... Well, I´ll have to read once again the instructions.

Good thread!!!!

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This Rick Griffin poster is in my top five.

I couldn't afford the first or second printings,

so I settled for a bootleg copy.


BG - 105

Jimi Hendrix

John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers

Albert King

2/1,4/68 - Fillmore

2/2,3/68 - Winterland (San Francisco)

artist - Rick Griffin


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Hi Peaches,

Right now I have 18 posters / 12 framed and on the walls,

with 6 waiting in storage.

Yes, I have:

the Mike Bloomfield & Al Kooper BG - 138

the Jimi Hendrix BG - 105

No, I don't have:

the Human Be-In (pow wow)

the Skull & Roses - Grateful Dead FD - 26

the Bo Diddley FD - 18

Eventually, I should post all the ones I have.


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