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Kate's beautiful...I'd do her. I still stand by my theory that she has never shown romantic feelings for Jack, it's more like brother and sister. Did you see how competetive they were with the golf thing? It's Luke and Leia, man, I'm telling you. Thusly, there is no three-way romantic love here. Sorry, Lucy-baby, but I think if there is a triangle, it will be Kate, Sawyer and the psycho Ana Lucia.

You're right about the leg hair. How have I not seen a hairy pit yet? Not that I'm looking, of course. :P

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I think you transferred your sexual feelings for seeing Kate in the shower onto Jack. He didn't ogle for as long as a normal red-blooded man would have. And hell, even Luke and Leia swapped spit once.

I am extremely stubborn and will not budge from this until I am proven absolutely, positively wrong. And even then I won't really believe it.

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Don't ever use the words "transferred", "sexual", "Shower" and "onto Jack" in a sentence about me again.

I think the triangle will be Sawyer, Jack and Ana Lucia. Did you see how Jack looked at her when he saw her in the jungle? Kate will be left to do that shuffle we discussed earlier.

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I have been frustrated with that in the past, but there is so much going on, it's okay if they take their time. I have barely thought about Claire, Charlie and Aaron in quite some time. And we have new people to worry about. I am just dying to see what's up with Mr. Ecko. And I still want to know how Locke ended up in the wheelchair.

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