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Hey guys, for us nosey parkers from over the sea who can't get their grubby paws on the second series, or are still on the first one - can we (ME! :D ) request that the "spoiler" feature is used? If we click, it's our own problem, but I'd also like to join in on the discussion without finding everything out :angel: Pretty pleeeeeeeez?

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Not to smear the pap, but I think it's still fantastic. But I'm also really, really patient. I don't want the whole thing to be really obvious, and I love the gradual character development.

I think 4 straight seasons of "24" have improved my tv patience, and willing suspension of disbelief. I think "Lost", overall, is (so far) a beautifully told story of lonely people who end up in the loneliest place possible. I think the suspense and supernatural elements just provide a nice backdrop, but they're not the main reasons I love the show.

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How have I not responded to this today? I am slipping. I think it's wonderful, no matter what. I was worried that it might take a turn for the cheesy, but it was pointed out to me that just enjoying it for what it is should be enough to keep me happy. And I agree. If they told us everything right away, we'd have nothing to look forward to. I certainly don't want them to string us along for 10 years for nothing, but I respect their decision to slowly unravel what's happening.

4 8 15 16 23 42.

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Wow, welcome back ryan's girl. Missed ya.

Now, nowhere in my post did I criticize the pace at which they are revealing things. It's the crap that's being revealed that I find, um, er, hmmmmm...CHEESY.

It was very original last season. So far this season all I see is PAP!

Peaches, " but it was pointed out to me that just enjoying it for what it is should be enough to keep me happy. " Well hell girl, let's watch Survivor and enjoy IT for what IT is too then, right?

I'm trying, I really am. I loved this show last season and so want to love it again. I'll give it a couple more chances to prove that the writers have not lost perspective.

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I loved it when he called her cupcake. He still looks like a nasty porn star to me (and not in the good way), but he does make me laugh.

I'd do him.

Peaches girl...you make me laugh! I feel the same way about Sawyer....he seems nasty and has that dirty quality about him...bring him on over!! Bad boys...gotta love 'em!!

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