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Jane. Share! Share by all means. That's what this thread is for. If they don't want to know they'll not read it. I want to know because I'm an enquiring mind.

Ok here goes UncleJoe....if I get scolded I am sending them your way..LOL!! You won't be seeing Walt in any episodes anytime soon...the actor who plays him grew so much over the summer, they aren't sure how to handle the change. They are even thinking of getting a different actor...NO..NO...I think they should have the storyline be that the "others" gave him a drug to make him grow or something like that...and remember the movie for the Darma project they watched?...well pieces of the movie are missing and they are going to find them and it will reveal more about the Darma project...mmmmm....getting to interesting...is it tonight yet...I need my LOST!!!

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OK, I don't care what anyone else tells me - this is still the best show on tv.

Last night was proof that these writers are absolute masters of storytelling. The whole ending scene (especially with Rose) turned me into a quivery girl.

It's kind of hard to speak about this show without giving anything away...

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I jumped the gun last week and I wholeheartedly apologize. I was upset because I thought the show wasn't going fast enough, but now I realize that I want it to go at this pace. The writing is superb and the character development is absolutely amazing. I don't care if we ever find out what "it" is. I am enjoying the journey.

I used to get upset when people would say "I don't read Stephen King because I don't like scary stuff." The reason I love to read his books (well, most of them) is because of his ability to create characters that seem so real. I feel the same way about Lost.

Oh yeah, and I am so in love with Hurley it isn't even funny.


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Oh my GOSH!!!! In Blighty we're only on episode 12 on terrestrial channel, so last night Locke and Boone found some kind of metal hatch thang. I know I shouldn't be reading this thread, but I just know my interest will wane soon as there are just so many dagnam episodes!!

Can someone PLEASE tell me if the identity of the monster has been revealed and if so what is it?!

(Also, I'm sounding tres clever at work in our discussions of what the island is, because I'm getting 'hints' from said thread!)

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I think it was more interesting to lose the character they did while setting up the confliction it will cause for another than to just lose the character everyone wanted gone.

In other words, the conflict now established is far more enticing than the simple relief attained when someone you detest gets killed off.

Man, I'm really confusing myself. Man, this is really tough to do without giving crap away.

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This week's episode was great! Finally - things were explained! Possible spoilers.

Although I kept wondering why "our" islanders were so organised with shelters and clothes and food and were at least clean, while the new ones were dirty and always on the run. And I wondered why the Others were only picking off the 'good' people. And Nathan and Ethan, apparently their full names spell out something important! And there was an exciting site that mentioned how the Numbers are the seat numbers our heroes sat in. I am SO into this program!

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