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When did you know....L-O-V-E


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What do you think? We talk all the time about it...on the phone...email...whatever...let everybody know what you think. Cause you said it was love at first sight...we were destined for each other.

i think you were right. I love you baby...i truly do. Im old enough to know that i am.

Um, maybe not the time nor the place for this? It's sweet and all that you're in love :thumbsup:, but it's maybe a little too personal for here? I'm sure she'd rather you wrote a song or a poem and told her, or took her out for a nice meal and declared this. Much more intimate and special ;)

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Matt, this older women, what the hell? That is a bit perverted..All my memories of being four are ones of playing with action men and beating up boys, yes I was a tom-boy..Seriously It is really foolish to think you can fall in love at four years old..You couldnt have any sexual feelings that young..

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Good question pinkmonkey....but any answer would only be an opinion. In my opinion I think there is an age where there is an understanding and feeling of true love. The age is not necessarily a number but a mindset. Maturity peaks at different times with different people.

Sadly, with young adults love is mistaken many times for infatuation. Also, rarely do you find a couple who has been together since Junior High, hence if you are a teen chances are good you will not have just one relationship in your lifetime. That is why there are first loves; a prerequisite to the many loves to come.

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Well I think I fell for the first time at the age of 10, he was my deskmate in primary school. Think about I still have dreams about him now, and he growes up in my dream with me... we have not met for about 18 years. Is that one thing called love?

Love this place, songfacts. This is my first post here.

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