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  1. I cannot say I still love them, I just take the past as a part of myself, forgive and just let it be there. I think you can never 'forget' someone you really loved, we broke up not because that we wanted to forget, we just wouldn't pray for the future anymore. And young people here (in China) tend to seperate love from marriage. Marriage is one thing, love, quite another. Maybe it's too practical... This is also what bothers me a lot these days.
  2. Thx Earth-Angel. This place is amazing. I am currently writing a whole book about English songs... in Chinese, of course. Songfacts are helpful Is "Too Young" a song? I heard my father played something like "we are not too young at all..." Paul Anka wrote Diana when he was 14 or mebbe 15 :guitar:
  3. Well I think I fell for the first time at the age of 10, he was my deskmate in primary school. Think about I still have dreams about him now, and he growes up in my dream with me... we have not met for about 18 years. Is that one thing called love? Love this place, songfacts. This is my first post here.
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