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SF Fantasy Baseball 2013


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Alright guys, so it's fantasy baseball time. I apologize for starting this so late. I'm only going to do one league for two reasons: 1. I don't like points and 2. I don't know how I would run points. Last year, Kevin kinda handed the points league over to me and I didn't have to do much.

Here's the important info:

League ID: 173600

Password: 1234

I assumed we'll be doing autodraft as per usual. I will let everyone know when I set our league to ready (most likely, it will be this upcoming weekend, probably either tomorrow night or Saturday).

Sign up and let's get this going!

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Thanks for setting this up, Rocky. Eyegore's Eyesores are in. Seems I'm the current odd number player, however . If either RJ or Ray or someone signs up then we are good to go. If you get stuck with an odd number and it's holding your draft up though , feel free to delete me and carry on. I'm fine with taking a pass on this season.

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While we are waiting for next week and I didn't play head to head last season, Rocky, I have a couple questions/comments about the scoring categories:

IPs (Innings pitched): I'm assuming that the person with the most IPs will win the category, or is it the least ? If it is the former, then this strikes me as rather uncompetitive and likely, more often than not, simply a win based on our respective roster schedules irregardless of having tried to put in the best pitchers for quality starts, saves, etc. If it is awarded to the player with the lesser IPs then it would be indeed interesting to try and balance winning as many pitching categories as possible while using fewer IPs than one's opponent. However, risking other categories in order to do this seems unlikely too, and, therefore I'm not really a fan of this category choice -especially if it is simply for the most IPs.

This category seems to be a dud in my opinion anyway it is scored and doesn't seem worth calculating. Why would having the most IPs be any kind of achievement -or the least, even-rather than going for the most effective pitching results ? It may seem a minor thing , but an opponent could easily negate a win in a more relevant and strategic category such as wins, ERA, etc. if we keep it simply by throwing as many pitchers as needed in for the win ( and possibly boosting win category chances too ).

BS (Blown saves): Again, I would assume that the player with the lesser of these will win the category , correct ? My only beef with this one is that, in most weeks, these will be rather few or nonexistent in many matchups and will result in many ties. It's not a bad category, but is there another category choice that will accumulate stats more frequently in order to reduce ties ? I'm imagining a lot of 0-0, 1-0, 1-1 weeks ... 2-1 at most. Perhaps it's just my scorn for soccer results coming through here. On the off-chance that the person with the most BSs wins the category then ...well, that's just crazy talk .

Total innings required to accumulate pitching stats for the week:

I see it is set at only 7 which equals a single quality start for one pitcher per roster each week. Previously, we had it set at 20 or so ( which still was not a problem for most players ) in order to ensure that players did not scoop most of the pitching categories if they started the week with a good start and then benched their pitchers for the rest of the week (personally ,I'd set it at 24 now ). It seems more fair to me that at least 3 starts per week ( along with saves ) should be required from each roster to count toward pitching stat wins.

It also helped to coax people to try and check on their rosters as often as they could to ensure they met the minimum IP in order not to lose all pitching categories by default. Even a player who is away, or will be away, can often still easily meet this requirement with a couple of minutes of pre-planning before they take a hiatus, but if they just ditch playing altogether for some time, then I don't see why it can't be a bonus to win all the pitching stats outright if one is actively playing and the other is not. It seriously sucks if someone can 'win' or keep you from gaining ground on the leaders if they are rewarded by an easy default setting (and blind luck) and they are not really playing much. Having it set at 7 ensures pretty much that all roster's pitching categories will be valid at all times (currently 10) , and without any need to check in on them ever.

Just my two-cents, and I recall that there were many silly categories and few that were actually realistic to choose from, which makes it tough. I just don't remember what they were now without the commish tools. What do you think ?

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I agree with Kevin on his concerns. Last year it was set at 7 innings for the week & that was too easy to achieve. If it's set to a higher # it will challenge us to manage our teams. Last year I would start Verlander and he would automatically toss 7 - 8 innings & my weekly quota was met without really looking at the fantasy page. 21+ would be better.

As for IP & BS categories I don't care for them either. A good closer has low ERA, BB & a couple saves a week. A bad one is the opposite. That should be enough.

I have a hard enough time trying to figure out batting stats.. (OBP? wtf is that??) :laughing:

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In regards to IP- The winner is the person with the most innings pitched, yes. The thought behind that is this: 1. A good pitcher will get a lot of innings, though yes, you will have mediocre workhorses out there such as Rodrigo Lopez who will log 190+ inning a year and do nothing spectacular, but for the most part, skilled pitchers stay in for longer and get more innings. Also, this prevents people from attempting to just get mostly relievers and nailing a really low ERA (though yes, raising the innings limit will fix that to a degree). Personally, I don't mind the stat, as I believe that a mark of a good pitcher is their ability to go deep into games. However, if the league would like to get rid of it we can, we just need to either replace it with something (maybe quality starts?) or get rid of a hitting stat to even it out.

In regards to blown saves- this separates the Craig Kimbrels from the Brian Fuentes. When Brian Fuentes saves a game, he almost always gives up about three hits, a walk and a run or something like that, and then somehow manages to get out of the inning. However, he also has the chance to blow a lot of saves. You have to take into account the type of closer you're getting, whether they're actually good enough to get those saves or they get lucky. Take John Axford for example. Lead the league in blown saves last year, but also got 35 saves. I will acknowledge that it can end up in a fair amount of ties here and there but I don't mind the stat. Again, if the league would like to get rid of it, then we can, and we'll have to figure out something to balance it.

In regards to the total innings limit- I would agree that it's low, I've thought that just about every time I've looked at it and just never got around to changing it. Would we like to set it to 20 or 24? I was thinking probably 24.

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Also, Ray, OBP is On-Base Percentage. It's calculated by the following formula:


In essence, it calculates how good a player is at getting on base, whether it be through walks or whatever. There may be players who have mediocre averages, but great OBPs because they're really good at getting on base. An OBP of at least .400 is considered very good.

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I see your thinking on those categories, Rocky.

Quality starts is an option ? Personally, I'd prefer that over IPs. It seems a bit more competitive and interesting to compare. Also, it gives a good indication of the strength of one's SP staff compared to others. Are there any other interesting categories left that we could also consider ?

Regarding saves in general, what often happens is that with 10 players, about 1/2~1/3 of us are likely going to end up with mediocre to poor closers anyway-always happens. The only opportunities to mend this are to wait until another player is appointed closer by their actual team (takes a lot of time) or trade ( tough to do as well as people often want a big payoff for a decent closer,understandably). Therefore, BSs are going to penalize some of us without a reasonably easy way to try and improve the situation-unlike a slumping batter or SP for example. A save is a save ,imo, and you will already be getting hit on ERA, WHIP , hits and walks for a poorly earned one or a failed effort. Adding BSs seems piling on a bit and is really going to hurt teams with weaker bullpens.

As well, I don't think it is vital that we have exactly 10 batting and 10 pitching categories if it turns out that way. Batters play day in and out unlike pitchers, and one has numerous options to try and improve batting stats.

Ultimately ,though, I've clearly got a bit too much time on my hands right now going over this. Let's see if anyone else has something to say and by Sunday night whatever you conclude and want to go with will be fine. You've heard from Ray and me now and most importantly, as long as there is no limit on adding or dropping players allowing Phil to try out about 20% of the entire MLB players list, then all should go well . :D

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I'm ok with getting rid of blown saves if everyone else feels the same. I'm also fine with replacing IP with quality starts. We do need to have pitching and batting equal though, that's a fairly standard rule throughout fantasy baseball, so we'll either have to replace BSs with something or get rid of a batting category

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