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I did the pre-order digital thing. Apparently the whole "pay what you want" In Rainbows deal was not a viable business model.

Either there hasn't been much worth getting in the first 6 or so weeks of this year or I just haven't been keeping up because I only have 4 albums from this year and I just got them.

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I got "King Of Limbs" today and loved it. Sounded like "Kid A" and "In Rainbows" had a baby.

Other notable albums of this year so far:

"Barton Hollow"- The Civil Wars

"Mine Is Yours"- Cold War Kids

"Mission Bell"- Amos Lee

"Ritual"- White Lies

"The King Is Dead"- The Decemberists

"Showroom Of Compassion"- Cake

"Thank You Happy Birthday"- Cage The Elephant

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In addition to an upcoming documentary and a new studio album of all original material on the way, it seems like the Foo Fighters have something else in store: a full-length vinyl of cover songs.

The record, which is to be called Medium Rare, will feature the Foo Fighter’s renditions of songs from groups like Cream, Pink Floyd, and the Ramones.

The album will be released on April 16th as a limited-edition vinyl for Record Store Day, an event that celebrates independent record stores.

The tracks for the upcoming release will be as follows:

01. Band On The Run (Paul McCartney & Wings)

02. I Feel Free (Cream)

03. Life of Illusion (Joe Walsh)

04. Young Man Blues (Mose Allison)

05. Bad Reputation (Thin Lizzy)

06. Darling Nikki (Prince)

07. Down In The Park (Gary Numan)

08. Baker Street (Gerry Rafferty)

09. Danny Says (Ramones)

10. Have A Cigar (Pink Floyd)

11. Never Talking To You Again (Hüsker Dü)

12. Gas Chamber (Angry Samoans)

13. This Will Be Our Year (The Zombies)

While it may be the first time you ever hear the Foo Fighters play some of these songs, the band has been known to play a few of them live in the past.

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The new REM album is pretty cool. However, it doesn't have any of those tunes with the wicked guitar riff that grabs you right from the start... you know, like "Driver 8", "Texarkana", "Gardening At Night", "So. Central Rain", "What's The Frequency, Kenne?"

"Mine Smell like Honey" is probably the closest. I really like that one.

Good album. 8 out of 10.

:afro: :afro: :afro: :rockon: :rockon: :rockon:

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