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the funk/soul thread


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Hey Bazooka, do you have any suggestions on a good Isley Brothers album?

I have to admit I really didn't follow the Isleys, although I enjoy a lot of their stuff.

I first became aware of them because one of the few records my older brother had was their definitive single version of Twist And Shout (pre-Funk 1962).

Then, in my college daze, It's Your Thing (1969) was a big hit, but not a particular favorite of mine.

I'd almost forgotten about this one: dig Work To Do (1971).

Anyhow, from sampling around, it looks like The Ultimate Isley Brothers album would provide very good bangs for your bucks.

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Soul 'Oldies But Funkies'

  • Out Of Sight (1964)
    This song was my introduction to James Brown, and it still knocks me out forty-five years later.

  • Funky Broadway (1967)
    made into a hit by Wilson Pickett.
    [smaller]from Wikipedia:[/smaller]
    "The song reached number one on the Billboard Hot Soul Singles chart and number eight on its Hot 100 chart. The song is notable as being the first charted single with the word "Funky" in the title as well as being prototypical funk music itself."

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Over at another site, I created a list called "Classic Soul Tracks You Really Need to Hear" but the emphasis was on rare, unsung, unissued, etc tracks (although some familiar tracks as well).

This track isn't so much unknown but the fact that Spencer Davis and the boys RIPPED it off! I don't need to tell you what the SDG named their track. I really hope they are paying %100 of all earnings to Homer Banks:

Homer Banks' "A Lot of Love"

Here is a track from their only release back in '74 (this single released in '73):

Act 1's "Goodbye Love (We're Through)"

And I can't close this post without a mention of Dennis Lee & Notables' "Funky Penguin."

Dennis Lee & Notables' "Funky Penguin"

I know lots more if more interest in above.

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Taj Mal did an terrific cover version ( Ain't That A Lot Of Love ) on his Natch'l Blues album.

Taj's Live performance is also featured in the Rolling Stones' Rock and Roll Circus .

 Just noticed:

In the Original lyric it is " .. for one heart to hold ". Taj Mahal makes it " .. for two hearts to have and hold ".

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